In the case of deportation of criminals, you should “consistently”, said Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock in an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung” – this was particularly true in the case of sexual offenders. Preferably, the Refugees must be shown to be integrated in Germany, should apply the rule of law at the time of departure subject to multiple offenders, criminal collection procedures. Attacks on women are justified, she said.

Freiburg was raped in October of a student by several men. Most of the suspects are Syrians. The main suspect is considered to be intensive culprits and should have been imprisoned. Elsewhere in Germany there were multiple offences of rejected asylum seekers.

This was not acceptable, said Baerbock. “We must use the legal instruments that we have, the better.”

“Painful subject”

a pain to be deportations “exemplary theme” for the Green party, said Baerbock. However, anyone who wants to get the fundamental right to asylum, is no getting around the enforcement of the rule of law.

In the past, the Greens are by special restraint when the topic of deportations noticed. The Bavarian top candidate Catherine Schulze said during the election campaign in the summer it wants to increasingly rely on the voluntary departure of rejected asylum seekers.


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