With a package of legislation intends to push for Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), the deportation of departure, the taxpayer and have committed criminal offences of foreigners. The existing instruments for the enforcement of pre-departure duties had proven to be “not effective enough”, says a 73-page draft bill that is before the MIRROR. Only “a fraction” of these people to leave Germany.

a Central component of the Seehofer-draft tougher rules on immigration detention and the time of departure, are in custody. The CSU Minister wants to introduce a “advanced Preparation” if a foreigner “circumvents the deportation process, or disabled”, for example, by “does not want to disclose his identity or deceive”. Also, it should be easier to expel people who are convicted of “welfare fraud” or drug offences.

required to leave the country wishes to divide Seehofer in the future, in two categories, depending on whether you are “detained through no fault of” leaving the country or partly responsible. In the latter case, services do not threaten the Affected lower social, if you seek a new passport.

Until there was not enough detention spaces, and wants to Seehofer bring the Affected in normal prisons under applicable law is prohibited.

Seehofer wants to unlimited entry and residence ban on anchoring

The Federal Minister of the interior also takes up a proposal of the baden-württemberg counterpart, Thomas Strobl (CDU) from the summer: Against foreigners who have committed serious crimes, should in the future be a permanent entry ban possible.

Strobl welcomes the initiative accordingly: “When foreigners commit the most serious crimes of violence or terrorist organizations of support, should be a law a priori unlimited entry and residence ban on anchored,” he said to the MIRROR.

in terms of personnel, the Federal government focuses the Ministry of the interior more on deportations: last week, a new seven-member unit of the “centre for the support of the return; the return was furnished to management of Gefährdern”. There is also the specialist takes over supervision of the Federal office for Migration and refugees in this question.

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