the Ministry has rejected The Ministry of the interior a report, according to which there is a catalogue of measures for faster deportations developed. Such a paper was in the interior Ministry is not known, said a Ministry spokesman in Berlin.

The Bild am Sonntag had earlier reported that the of Horst Seehofer-led Ministry would facilitate a Five-point Plan deportations. Therefore, there should be, for example, in the future, a night-time reporting requirement for those required to leave, if they leave properties in your community. In the case of a breach of this duty to stick to can be arranged, further, the newspaper reported, citing a your this document.

in Addition, the interior propose to the Ministry of migrants in reception and repatriation centres is likely to pick up your Mail only with a chip card, the report says. So could be registered, when rejected asylum-seekers have received the Expulsion order.

Blank Tickets in deportation flights should not be worried according to the report, to ensure that seats on the plane were vacant, when a refugee prior to his deportation to go under. In the community accommodation also Doctors should be employed, so the ability to travel could faster be tested. Finally, a nationwide push-off register is planned.

The Ministry spokesman did not confirmed this, however. You would soon submit a draft law, the provisions to pre-departure duties and for the enforcement of deportations, he said. The newspaper points mentioned but these were not the subject of the design, with the title “2. Act for the better enforcement of the obligation to leave the country”.

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