The Foreign office advises against refugees to Syria to deport. “In no part of Syria, a comprehensive, long-term and reliable protection for persecuted people,” reads a confidential report on the situation of the foreign Ministry, which is the Research network of the süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR. The risk for Returning to stay still.

According to the report, the regime-affiliated authorities, but will also look at parts of the from the civil war, polarized the population, the “returnees as cowards and deserters, in the worst case, even as traitors or supporters of terrorists”. Male returnees between the ages of 18 and 42 years, were recovered in General, to the military, but first, often for several months for Desertion detained. Against the opposition of the police and security forces would use “systematic torture”.

in addition to the limited medical Situation was desolate, according to the report, the economic situation in the country. There are ways to Finance one’s livelihood, there were hardly any. In addition, the air threatened to continue attacks by the Syrian army and terrorist attacks.

debate over the extension of the deportation stops

Currently, a stop to the deportations applies to refugees from Syria in Germany, this runs out in December. At their conference in Magdeburg on Wednesday, the interior Ministers of the countries want to discuss an extension. This is the report of the Federal foreign office serves as the basis.

Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) had demanded in the past week, at the least, serious offenders and so-called offenders to Syria to deport, “as soon as permitted by the situation”. Similar to be of lower Saxony counterpart, Boris Pistorius (SPD), as well as the Saxon Minister of the interior, Roland woeller (CDU) expressed. North Rhine-Westphalia’s integration Minister, Joachim Stamp (FDP) criticized with regard to the situation report of the German Federal foreign office Mr Mann’s Remarks. It was “totally wrong, if now is populist not to be made such removals, which take place in practice,” said Stamp of the world on Sunday.

Seehofer checks deportations to Syria

According to interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) would consider his Ministry is currently deportations to Syria. He also wants to speed up deportations – with-No-Name – bookings -.

The Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad calls officially refugees to return. Even a Minister for refugee return, has been appointed and a return Commission. However, it may be sufficient according to the report of the Federal foreign office in the associated “politically motivated security review,” the origin from a oppositionsnah applicable locality for violence or state Repression. It cases are known, in which returnees have been imprisoned or since their entry permanently disappeared. Also on guarantees of security no rely was, therefore, obvious.

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