CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt has called for the deportation of krimininellen refugees from Syria in your home. “If hard-core criminals Syrians can not be returned, because it is dangerous, you are endangering but at the same time our population in Germany, then I don’t want to accept it,” said Dobrindt of the image on Sunday. As an example of unjustified deportations, he called the alleged sex offender from Freiburg: “We should deport this group of rapists from Freiburg to Syria, have lost every right to claim protection in our country.”

The CSU Chairman and Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer had excluded deportation of offenders refugees in the war-torn country. Previously, a report by the German foreign office had become known, according to the refugees, if deported to her home country of repression and violence must be feared. In no part of Syria, a comprehensive, long-term and reliable protection for persecuted people, there it was.

Dobrindt said that he doesn’t have respect, if the rule of law does not allow such deportations, because the consequences for the Deportees to be calculable. For this case, he, however, urged that the state had to prove the delinquent refugees after their prison time to protect the population permanently with security measures. “Such perpetrators of violence must be put under maximum control, by limiting the freedom of movement, with a duty of residence documents, and with an electronic ankle bracelet monitor.”

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