On the second day in a row, broke out in a number of Sudanese cities, and violent anti-government protests. In Sudan capital, Khartoum, police used tear gas to separate hundreds of Protesters. In Al Qadarif, to the East of the country two people, according to official data, during the protests, died.

According to the Reuters news Agency, officials told a local television station that eight people had died. At least 20 Protesters had been detained.

On Wednesday a Mob had set in Atbara, the local headquarters of the ruling party of President Umar al-Bashir in a fire. Consequently, the authorities in the city have imposed lock a state of emergency and a nighttime output. The news Agency Reuters reported that, according to the statements of the officials in Al Qadarif state of emergency and nightly curfews imposed.

the reason for the protests of price increases and Inflation are: After weeks of shortages, the authorities increased the price of Bread three times to about six U.S. Cents. The price for a series of basic products has risen significantly in the past year and has increased the Inflation to at least 60 percent.

Contributors to the opposition politician Sadiq al-Mahdi in Khartoum,

The current protests coincided with the return of the opposition politician Sadiq al-Mahdi in the Sudan. He was the last freely-elected head of government of the country, and on Wednesday in Sudan returned. His government had been in 1989, in the case of a Bashir-led military coup toppled. For almost a year, he lived in exile. Thousands of supporters welcomed him on his return on Wednesday.

Since 2013, there was not so bad protests in Sudan. At that time, masses were against subsidy cuts on the road. Many called for a new government – a rare claim in a of the army and the security services-ruled state.

The Sudanese economy is recovering from the loss of three-quarters of its oil recovery rate, since the South Sudan with most of the oil fields to a research in the year 2011.


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