It is clear, this man wants to always look like a winner. So also this time. As Donald Trump enters in the rose garden of the White house in front of the press to the temporary end of the shutdown of the US announce the government he greatest effort, presidential strength, and to demonstrate Power.

“We really have no other choice: We must build a wall or barrier made of steel,” he announces with a grim expression on his face. But the big Show is not helping him this time. Everyone in Washington knows immediately: This round in the battle for his beloved wall project has lost its Trump.

The self-proclaimed “deal maker” has not brought a Deal, but it must be small. The Democrats and their leader, Nancy Pelosi, should feel like a winner. At least for the time being. Trump has received from Pelosi for the termination of the longest Shutdowns in the history of the land of no return. Except: you want to talk.

First of all, there is not a Cent for the wall

The government is now re-opened, the 800,000 employees of the Federal government to get your money. Trump has set a deadline of three weeks, up to 15. February to find a special Commission of members of Congress to be a “major solution” in the wall dispute. Otherwise, he’ll close the government again, or even a state of emergency to exclaim, warned Trump in the rose garden with a serious tone.

Whether such threats now someone takes seriously? Trump is after the rout on the open stage as a gamer because, overplayed his hand. So far, Trump had always insisted that he would agree to end the shutdown only if he receives $ 5.7 billion for its wall. The Democrats rejected this, and made the end of the shutdown a condition for negotiations. Now, Trump had to follow you: He has opened the government just so again, so a short-term interim financing. For the wall-first he gets a penny.


At the end of the pressure on Trump was simply too great. The images of government employees who had to stock up because of the shutdown, like beggars for aid agencies with food and reports on wine at the end of government employees in the major TV channels in the country, many Americans are outraged deeply. For days, most of the citizens gave according to polls, Trump and the Republicans the blame for the Chaos. A political nightmare: “We are just shattered,” Trump internally cursed.

As the weekend of the two major New York airports, La Guardia and Newark flight cancellations were not reported because the pilots were due to lack of staff capable of flight operations to maintain, had reached the threshold of pain. Trump decided to emergency brake. His democratic opponent Pelosi was able to watch and enjoy.

Trump negotiate remains unpredictable

Now, Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The White house and the President want to remain at a distance. However, Trump has to give at the end of an agreement his blessing. Behind the Scenes, that is probably why his son-in-law Jared Kushner to play the role of facilitator.


Trump seems to be – at least currently – to be willing to compromise. He has already changed a piece of his Pitch on the subject of masonry. Now he admits that a “barrier” is not needed to cover the border to Mexico, not necessarily the entire distance from coast to coast. You could use some Sensors or drones, a “Smart Wall”.

the Democrats want to move a little to Trump. You have already been offered, the expenditure for security on the border to raise. That is to say: There should be more money for staff and technology. The construction of a wall or “barrier” you want to resist. You have a very clear attitude, made it clear to Nancy Pelosi.

Whether it can be a large agreement, remains unclear. A number of moderate members in Congress from both sides would wish that the vexing issue will soon be managed out of the world. However, the number of factors of uncertainty is still high.

even the President himself: He is known to be completely unpredictable. If the Trump shows a day, this can be the next day already again completely differently. He must also be on the alert, too much willingness to compromise to harm him. Especially among its most loyal followers of the Right there are a lot of hardliners, the values of each turning to the other side in the wall as a betrayal. Exactly these people need Trump, but if he wants to have in the next presidential election is still a Chance.

Trump gets the pressure from his base and to the right of the commentators. Shortly after he had announced the temporary end of the shutdown, the tight, conservative author and Radio host Ann Coulter. Coulter is considered one of the toughest Proponents of a wall to Mexico, and has warned Trump already several times before that, with his election promises.

Now you can already see Parallels between Trump and former Republican President George Bush Senior, broke once kept his campaign promise and the tax increased. “Good news for George Herbert Walker,” wrote Coulter on Twitter. “As of today, he is the biggest pussy who has ever served as President of the United States.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.