In a car, the customs officers in Bietingen on the German-Swiss border discovered the 18,000 euros in cash – not in notes, but in coins. The more than 40-kilogram Coin was found in the car of two men at the time of their departure to Switzerland, announced customs office in baden-württemberg, Singen. Both had, therefore, no significant amounts of Cash to carry.

However, the control of the trunk have two large, clear plastic bags full of Two – and Ten-Cent coins brought to light. The passenger said, according to the authority, that the coins should complain in the trunk of the vehicle in the Winter. “His bad luck was only that the vehicle is front-wheel drive”, informed the customs.

In the subsequent control of the car the customs officers found another bag with Coins, including the Swiss franc. Against the passenger, the well-known the money was Not initiated due to sign-on to the cash a ticket.


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