For the second Time after 2016, the tennis player Angelique has been awarded to Kerber as the “Sportswoman of the year”. 1100 sport journalists had spoken out in the run-up to a majority for the tribute to the Wimbledon champion. “You’re all critics, especially from you showed that work, discipline and Faith are worth to yourself,” said Boris Becker in his Eulogy for Kerber and reminded of his own triumphs in Wimbledon. “We need to share our living room.”

Emotionally, it was, as Kerber was placed on the second. This is not a course Kristina was elected as a bird, with the exception of railway cyclist paralyzed in a training accident in June, cross-section. “You’re a role model for so many people. You have so much shown strength,” said Kerber in their honor. “I think today the stage belongs to you. Stay as you are.” Behind bird biathlete Laura Dahlmeier landed on the third place.

Kristina Vogel

For men, the voices gave a clearer picture: Ironman-winner Patrick Long secured first place. He remained in Hawaii as the first Ironman in under eight hours and had a Swim for the second Time on the 3.86 km, the triumphant Run to 180.2 km on the bike and the final 42.2 km. He is, according to Jan Frodeno of 2015, the second triathlete, the “sportsman of the year”.

The winners of the 2018

Behind him, the North landed of Nordic combined Eric Frenzel, who won at the winter Gold from the normal hill, Team-play in Pyeongchang-Gold and Bronze on the large hill. The third was Abele decathlon-champion of Europe Arthur.

As the team of the year, the German ice hockey were honored gentlemen. The silver medal winner of Pyeongchang, the “sportsman of the year”. In order for a hockey Team won for the first time in this election. Behind the figure skaters Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot, and the rowers from Germany, landed in Eighth.


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