In the historic centre of the Alsatian metropolis of Strasbourg for Tuesday evening’s state of exception: A man has made at several locations close to the traditional Christmas markets in several shots and killed three people.

President Emmanuel Macron called for the highest terrorist alert level, the alleged perpetrator is a fugitive, wanted . Keep track of the latest developments in the news blog. Click here to read a summary of what is on Wednesday morning on the Suspect, the modus operandi and the victim is known:

What we know

The shots instead of fell in the historic city centre of Strasbourg. Were killed, according to the French interior Minister Christophe Castaner three people. Another 13 were injured, eight of them seriously. The Suspect entered according to the police Prefecture against 19.50 at the area of the Christmas market in the city centre on the Corbeau bridge and opened fire. Minister of the interior, Castaner, not closer described the exact scene of the crime and said the perpetrators have spread in three different locations in the city of “Terror.” Between 20.20 and 21 at the offender delivers twice an exchange of fire with security forces in the Patrol. According to the Minister of the interior, Castaner, the Suspect is identified. He had been sitting for Offences in the past in Germany and France in the prison. Suspicious of the Strasbourg-born, 29-year-old Chérif. C. C. was sentenced according to German police information from the local court to Sing for aggravated theft to imprisonment and was in detention in Germany as of 2017, he was deported to France””. The French authorities have classified as a threat. The Federal police controls four border crossings from Germany to France. As the French daily newspaper Le Figaro reported, was C. more than 20 Times in conflict with the law.

What we know

is Unknown the motive of the offender is reported As the French daily newspaper “Le Monde”, was to be arrested the Suspect on the Morning of the attack. The police have not found him but in his apartment. Whether the offence has a terrorist Background, it is not yet clear. Laurent Nunez, the Deputy interior Minister, warned of a hasty definition: “A terrorist intention can not be confirmed to the hour. The offender is not known for Offences with a terrorist connection.” However, Nunez also said: “During his time in prison, a radicalization in religious practice was found. That’s why he was monitored.”


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