lying There on the hospital bed, the man in Germany speaks this Tuesday. A man who wants to talk with Germany on the phone, in spite of his injuries: Frank Magnitz, 66, AfD country Manager in Bremen, Germany, member of the German Bundestag, throughout the day, with journalists and party friends; he receives camera teams and individual reporters.

On his right cheek and his forehead, and white bandages cover two fist-sized wounds. One eye is so swollen that Magnitz can’t see it. “The head is buzzing still,” he says quietly, his mouth is dry. A headrest helps him a little in the bed to lift up. In the room in a wheelchair, he needed it if he wanted to across the hall, says Magnitz.

Magnitz has become the victim of a brutal Robbery: On Monday, he visited the city of Bremen a new year’s reception. Just before half past six in the evening he is on his way back to his car in a nearby underground garage. Magnitz takes a shortcut through the backyard of the city theatre. There Unknown back to attack him.

Frank Magnitz in a hospital bed

The attack moved to the country. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on Twitter, the violence could be “never a medium of political confrontation”.

government spokesman Steffen Seibert expressed the hope that the perpetrators are quickly caught. And also Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks. “Any Form of violence against elected officials,” he writes in a public letter to Magnitz, “is an attack on our rule of law.”

a few hours after the fact, so it is told Magnitz on the hospital bed, he decides to publish a photo of him with bleeding wounds on the Stretcher. A nurse have made the image, in the emergency room. With his daughter, who is himself in the AfD active, he discusses the press statement. His party friends are both spread using the attack to go on the Offensive.

you want to do, how Magnitz, the fact for a political message. The action will show that the attacks on the AfD “a new quality”. Magnitz says, he will assume that the attackers had come from the left of the scene and his death is tacitly accepted.

The AfD speaks of the “left terror”

In the Declaration of an “assassination”, by a “murderous act” committed by faceless “terrorists”. Behind the Bremen Antifa, which will be supported also by the Left, the SPD and the Greens put. With a two-by-four, the attacker would have beaten Magnitz unconscious. “They were more against his head as he lay on the ground.” Party leader Alexander Gauland said in Berlin, the fact is the “result of the ongoing incitement by politicians and the media,” against the AfD. Co-party leader, Jörg Meuthen speaks in a Video Statement of the “left terror”.

comment on the topic of blows to replace it, no arguments

The Bremen public Prosecutor’s office expresses only vague on the sequence of events. A spokesman says it is investigating a Homicide. In the early evening, the authority shall notify the surveillance cameras would have recorded the fact. On the images of the Assault was clearly visible, something different from the AfD described.

Thus, two Unknown Magnitz approached from the rear, and a third followed at a distance. One of the three jump Magnitz from behind and RAM him with the elbow in the back of the neck. Magnitz falls, the attackers away.

There is in the pictures “no kicks to a Lying on the ground,” says the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. And there is also no one to beat with an object on the victim. “The fact it happened as fast as lightning.”

A special Commission under the leadership of the Bremen state protection determined now not because of Homicide, but only in respect of dangerous bodily injury. Also the Federal criminal police office is involved. The investigators expect to see a political Background and ask for references to the unknown perpetrator.

Magnitz speaks of the “Blackout”

Magnitz says, he could not recall the fact. He had a “total Blackout”, know that he went to a Demo of Left over. “There must me someone recognized.” Then he saw two craftsmen, giving your car. In the next Moment he was on the ground, one of the craftsmen have bent over him and said he’ll call the police.

Magnitz says, the craftsman told him of the timber and of the kicks. The only reason he had heard of it. He was convinced that he was still alive, because the craftsmen on site. They would have expelled the attackers.

when leave Magnitz the hospital, he does not know yet. He has a concussion, bruises and wounds, as well as a brain. What are the consequences of the incident for him? Magnitz says he’ll get in the future, the protection of people. And he was going to “move cautiously in Public”.

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