because Of urgent terror suspicion in Mainz arrested Syrians will be rapidly to the Netherlands to be delivered. The General Prosecutor’s office in Koblenz will apply for this as soon as possible the adoption of an extradition arrest warrant, told investigators on Sunday.

The 26-year-old was arrested on Saturday at a cross-border police action, where four men in Rotterdam were imprisoned. They are accused of preparing a terrorist attack in the Netherlands.

The four in Rotterdam detained according to information provided by the Dutch police between 20 and 30 years old and come from “non-Western” countries. According to information from the Dutch broadcasting company NOS, one of the arrested has a Syrian Background, and another an Egyptian.

Dutch police asked for help

About the details of the allegations, the authorities in Germany and the Netherlands no data: The investigations were still in full swing.

The custody judge of the district court in Mainz had issued on Sunday a so-called holding arrangement. Thus, in Mainz arrested 26-Year-old to stay so long in detention in Germany, to the Oberlandesgericht had decided to Koblenz on the Extradition warrant. Not before the end of the coming week you will expected to take a decision about it. The Dutch police had requested the extradition of the Syrian.

The 26-Year-old was detained according to information from the land office of criminal investigation (LKA) on Saturday in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital. He had been in Germany under criminal law. According to the Dutch police, he has his residence in Rotterdam.

No investigation proceedings in Germany

In Mainz, Germany, had been the terror suspects, according to the investigators, most recently, in the apartment of a cousin. At the time of his arrest, he was unarmed. Against the Cousin was not calculated. During the search of the apartment, there was no evidence that other living in Germany individuals had been involved in the attack preparation, or it would know, said the General Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, no identification procedure had been in Germany to be initiated.

According to the NOS, a total of six homes have been searched. Weapons had not been found. Wanted to this report, the police take no position.

In June, two men were arrested in Rotterdam because of an alleged planned attack on security forces in the Netherlands. In September, there were seven arrests of men who were planning, according to the authorities, a larger stop. Of these, four came from the Region of Rotterdam.


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