The people in front of the town hall of the small Hungarian town of Kecskemét are angry. “It is enough! We are not slaves!”, call. And cursing: “the moustached Shit!” An allusion to the Hungarian President János Áder has signed on this day, a new overtime scheme, dubbed “slave law”. By contrast, about 500 people protesting this evening – so like many other places in the country.

A 19-year-old student steps up to the microphone. Angry, she scolds the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, his government and his party, Fidesz. In Hungary, a “disease by the name of Fidesz”, a “disgusting thief gang” in Power, the ordinary people have to worry out of tax funds, enriched it, while Existence grassiere. Six minutes long she talks in a Rage. Then the last sentence comes. “I have a message to these moustached cock and all Fidesz deputies: are you and fi**t in your face!” The people hoot.

Viktor Orbán

it was at 20. December of last year. With your rant, the pupil Blanka Nagy provides instant headlines in the media and in discussions in social networks. “The last sentence slipped in the heat out,” says the student of today in an interview with the MIRROR, “but I would not change him anyway.”

desert insults on TV

Actually, escape in Hungary, in private conversations as well as anyone in a similar style as Blanka Nagy. Also hearty curse words weigh less and less difficult than their literal Translations in German. Acceptable, you are not in the Public yet.

The Causa of the student might have remained a footnote in the annals of the current protest movement against the Orbán-government, would not have shot Fidesz propagandists on the student.

first of All, Bayer, a longtime Orbán friend and Fidesz co-founder, known for years and, in part, by a court Zsolt convicted for his profanity and his hatred of the texts. At the beginning of 2013, he wrote in his probably most infamous article on the Roma, they were “animals, which are not to be”. In his television program “Bayer Show”, he called the student on 13. January is a “debiles cattle” and a “miserable, cheap, pathetic, fucking Chav woman”.

Blanka white, as Hungary’s poisoned political culture

days later, the editor-in-chief of the government compared to the nearby newspaper “Demokrata”, András Bencsik, the hussy girl with a “Road”. Previously, the management of the school, visited Blanka Nagy, as well as several Fidesz-close associations had distanced themselves from the word choice of the student. Meanwhile, the 19-Year-old has become a kind of public enemy in Orbán’s Hungary.

Blanka Nagy comes from the town of Kiskunfélegyháza. Your mother is a worker in the 25 kilometres away in the Mercedes plant in Kecskemét. Her father, who was also a worker, who died 2015 of cancer. At home they are six brothers and sisters. Because the mother worked and the father was ill, had to Blanka Nagy take a lot of responsibility on their younger siblings watch out for, the financial carry, cook. Her father accompanied her often to medical treatments. The desolate conditions in many Hungarian hospitals, lack of Hygiene, lack of staff, outraged. They found that one should not remain silent.

After the death of her father, she participated regularly in students ‘ protests, and spoke at demonstrations. To a rally in the city of Kecskemét in December, they had invited a trade Union. You know, as Hungary’s political culture is poisoned. Orbán and his party have in the past two decades, although not alone, but a vital contribution. It was given the deep polarisation in the country is right to swear in this style? “I was and am just very angry about the conditions in this country,” says Blanka Nagy. “So how many simple people, who feel that their Concerns would be ignored by the government completely.”

The mouth, you don’t want to not get ban

the student about the reactions of the government bearing on their speech was Violated. Bayer, for example, have you insulted just in his own way, that she could not take plain seriously, says Blanka Nagy. At all it gave no reasoned criticism of their political statements on corruption and poverty in the country. Their sudden celebrity, she can be rather cold. “It’s not about me,” she says, “but the problems in this country. I’m going to appeal to continue to be open to the public.”

Blanka Nagy would like to study after graduating high school this year, theater arts, and Director. Well possible that you will be absorbed because of your rant in any University – related cases, there were already in place in Hungary. Also, the student takes a left. “If you don’t take me to the Uni, perhaps I’ll cook, because I do like to cook. But my mouth, I think.”

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