Careful Naomi Osaka looked around. A quick glance to the left, a Search on the ground, a quick bow, as the heavy Cup from the right was stretched. The 21-Year-old is a for the are breast-feeding occurs. In the Moment she was crowned at the Australian Open, their second Grand Slam title in a row for a new number one of women’s tennis.

However, even Osaka can run a miscalculation. Because as you began your speech during the trophy handover with the rate that public speaking was their strength, was Osaka is probably still a little off.

Four months after you had been hiding as the winner of the US Open under the cap, while the New York public purchases of the referee of the dramatic final against Serena Williams with Boos, belonged to this Moment alone. Osaka was well-chosen and appreciative words for the loser to Petra Kvitova. To arrived a year ago as number 72 in the Australian Open, thanked the now officially the world’s best player with the ball kids and Fans.


How did you reach this Position, was also evident in the high-class final on Saturday. It all began with a mischievous Smile, as Osaka and Kvitova at the photo shoot looked directly in front of the match start in the face. As had arranged to meet two complicit inside to an evening of entertainment at best. The feel-good finale, the audience was favorites the self-appointed Happy Slam.

While in the Background, the fireworks began for Australia Day, and the day passed with an orange sunset, along flew Kvitovas accurate Existing the line. But most of the time managed to Osaka, for a successful counterattack. There it was again, in Osaka, can now virtually everything on the court. She was not even fazed that she was awarded in the second set of three Matchballe and also her own service game to win the Match.

The symbolic power of victory can hardly be overestimated. While for the men, the young twenties to work off, at least in the biggest tournaments are still unsuccessful at the old guard, has Osaka the Sport. Including the really big games.

Not only the Japanese woman is the woman of the hour, the first Asian on the world rankings top, a human marketing force in the country which it represents. Osaka is also the new face of the globalized world of tennis, one can know in the particularly many. The daughter of a Haitian man and a Japanese woman, largely in the United States grew up, shy, with a dry sense of Humor. The “Time Magazine” had you appointed before the Australian Open in a cover story for the heir to Serena Williams.

What is only possible, if Osaka really believe in yourself?

This role was once earmarked for Petra Kvitova. The Czech was disappointed after the defeat bitterly, but even so, her Comeback is a special. In December of 2016, you had added a burglar a serious hand injury. “At the time, I didn’t even know if I can ever hold a bat would,” she said in tears. Not a few of them will have no later than wished in this Moment, her two Wimbledon victories soon a third Grand-Slam-title to follow.

But for that you will need in the future to the final winner of the Osaka pass. While this sat in Melbourne exhausted in the press conference, from the shock of the title and the delights of the new Position reported, to the sound of a sentence from the title story of “Time Magazine”. There, she had said: “All around me seem to have more confidence in me than I in myself.” Because the question remains: What is possible in the first place, if Naomi Osaka begins to believe in himself?

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.