Stefan Kraft knew the Situation already: the new year’s jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, cautious optimism after a good start at the four hills tournament in Oberstdorf, and then the world champion was eliminated after the first round. So it ran for Austria’s ski jumping Superstar on Tuesday. And so it went for him exactly a year earlier.

First of all, to this year’s appearance: In Oberstdorf force as the third jumped on the Podium, beaten only by the two current high-Flyers Ryoyu Kobayashi and Markus Eisenbichler. In Austria, hope was low, that in the case of this tour, some possible classification could be in terms of overall. Then came Garmisch. And from hope to disappointment, or rather, frustration. Force was not at all in the jumping around flailing his arms in the air and landed in the hands of only 114 metres. For comparison: The best distance of the day of iron Bichler amounted to 138 meters.

Consequently, the force lost his duel against the German Constantin Schmid, was not among the five best so-called “Lucky Losers” qualify for the second round. “Bitter,” said force. It is up to the entrenchment, or lack of stability? “Both. As everything comes together then,” he said.

It is more likely to Konstanz than Talent

The crash in Garmisch surprising is all the more, because Kraft’s tour was followed by last year a similar scenario. At the time, he was Fourth at the opening event in Oberstdorf and then in Garmisch after the first round excrete. That such a thing could even occur more than once, he had actually excluded. “I must now see why this is happening to me again and again,” said force.

The Problem: A further Topspringer in addition to power, Austria is currently not in your ranks. There is no one who can compensate for a bad result of a force from a team point of view. Daniel Huber was the best Austrian in Garmisch space 15. With Manuel Fettner just another ÖSV-Springer reached the second round. Fettner was at the end of 28. Best Austrian in the overall standings is now also Huber. Huber is now the only Austrian jumper who has made the tour of all four jumps. For a ski jumping Nation Austria this is a catastrophic result.

However, other Topnationen jump in this year. In the case of the Slovenes, the brothers Peter and Domen Prevc left the tour due to their disastrous Form in advance. In the past few years, they had dominated the Sport. Also, the Norwegians remain so far below its potential.

In the case of the Austrians, but it is not a Problem on this tour. Last year, the 14 meant. Place of Michael Hayboeck in the overall standings, the worst result for 40 years. The negative run has continued this season: a third place Huber in Engelberg and power in Oberstdorf are the only places on the podium this winter. Both made it but that your good result with a directly following, a significantly worse outcome even to devalue (Huber failed a day after his third place in the qualification). It is more likely to Konstanz than in Talent.

Schlierenzauer is the beacon of hope for the world Cup in Seefeld

head coach Andrew fields, it tries to reason with slogans. “This is a Phase we must go through,” he told the newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten”. In the medium term it should go up again, the structures and skills are there.

If there would be only a not of this date in February: the home world Cup will take place in Seefeld and there are not able to be present in Austria, Springer in Garmisch. But there is another hope, in Seefeld, Gregor Schlierenzauer will be back. Schlierenzauer, two-time winner of the four hills tournament and record holder with the most individual victories in the world Cup, has pulled the last back to the highlight of the season to prepare. But Schlierenzauer has sought in the past few years, in vain to his old Form.

Schlierenzauer is still the most successful years of the Austrians, as they were able to gain between 2009 and 2015, seven times in a row, the four-hills-tournament. The last victory was just four years old. But as the Austrians in Garmisch crashed, it seems like an eternity.

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