More than 41,000 people are cut off in the Austrian state of Salzburg from the outside world. Even the ski tourists popular resort of Saalbach-Hinterglemm was not in the evening due to high avalanche danger with the car. A total of eleven places in the state of snowed in.

More than 180 streets in Austria

in addition, the locked had been locked up in Austria for more than 180 streets, told the broadcaster ORF. The avalanche danger is increased in some regions in comparison to the weekend again. In the provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol, the highest warning level has been declared. In the Vorarlberg areas with very high avalanche danger came together until the Morning, 65 to 100 centimeters of new snow.

24-Year-old dies in avalanche in Switzerland

An avalanche has killed in the Swiss Alps, a young man who wanted to secure a ski resort. The forces recovered the victim 24-Year-old dead from the masses of Snow, such as the cantonal police confirmed the Valais. The man wanted to secure the area near the border to France by the snow blasting. An avalanche broke off and tore the men.

One of the two Victim managed to free himself from the snow masses. Together with added helpers for the 24-Year-old with special search equipment was found under a 1.40-Meter-thick blanket of Snow. But the help came too late. The avalanche extended about 275 meters and was 156 meters wide. The Prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation.

Hotel in Bavaria avalanche

In Bavaria, met with an avalanche hit in the Morning, a Hotel in the winter ski resort of Balderschwang. Windows have been pushed in, the snow came Inside. Luck in the misfortune: According to initial information, none of the snow has been violated mass. The avalanche hit the Wellness area of the hotel had already been on the eve closed.

the Hotel in Balderschwang

In many of the ski resorts of Bavaria, the lifts were on Monday still. In Germany’s highest ski area at the Zugspitze, the plants remained closed; in the other ski areas in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, skiers were able to move only in the low layers of your turns. Next door in Austria was closed according to the information portal almost half of the slopes due to the weather conditions and the sometimes very large avalanche hazard.


relaxation in sight

The rainfall, should subside according to the German weather service (DWD) in the morning gradually, with the severe weather situation in the Alpine region. According to the forecasts, was to a significant relaxation possible, said the head of the Bavarian state Chancellery, Florian Herrmann (CSU).

in some places, causing a thaw and rain now floods. In Bavaria there were, especially in Swiss francs, increased water levels, but also in Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia swelled the rivers. In some places, roads were flooded.

Many schools remain closed

In many schools the school is also in this week, because the routes to School are considered to be unsafe. In addition, the trains in this week on some routes in the South of Bavaria limited.

state Minister Herrmann said in Munich: “The situation is still tense, but there is no reason to panic.” Helpers have liberated in the past few days in the affected regions of southern Bavaria, around 1000 roofs from the weight of the snow.


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