First real estate, houses buy, now Newspapers: The Self-made billionaire and Investor René Benko, has expanded its Portfolio, now he is allowed to join the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung” and “Kurier”. How the Federal competition authority (BWB) from one country to another, according to the dpa, had been released, the Deal together with the Federal cartel attorney.

For the Tirol-born to die for the newspaper deal is the first Investment in the media sector. Benko is the owner of the German Department stores Karstadt and Kaufhof, he wants to merge. Previously, he had also taken over the Austrian furniture chain Kika/Leiner to convert to a luxury provider.

Benkos Signa Holding had announced in November, with 49 per cent in the case of the WAZ overseas Holding GmbH to enter. The German Funke media group holds 50 percent of the “crown” and almost half of the “courier”.

Newspapers reach over 2.6 million readers daily

Benko after completion of the purchase, a quarter of the largest as well as the third largest daily newspaper in Austria. Together crown” and “courier “achieve” every day more than 2.6 million readers.

His most recent business raises the question of whether, and the extent to which Benko will influence the reporting. He himself said: “The digitization is dissolving the boundaries between traditional business models. Commerce, Information and entertainment, but also the Living and the modern world of work – these areas can today no longer be separated.”

finally, Benko had requested through his lawyers, to clear a Passage in the MIRROR-coverage of his entry into the media business. It was noted that Benko 2014 had been sentenced by the Supreme court in Vienna legally to a suspended sentence of one year in prison, because he had tried to influence a control method in Italy.


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