What happened?

In the new year’s eve night, a man in the Ruhr area with his car several times deliberately in groups of people. Eight people were injured. The authorities believe that the alleged perpetrator, a 50-year-old German from Essen, named Andreas N. was acting out of racist motives.

He was taken in the new year’s eve night. A judge has now arranged imprisonment for multiple attempted murder against the man, investigators said. You spoke of a “targeted attack”.

How to do it the eight Victims?

In the first attack in Bottrop was injured, according to the police, no one. In the second attack on a Central square in Bottrop, the car recognized the investigators, a 46-year-old woman from Syria. After emergency surgery, in the meantime, out of danger.

her 48-year-old man and the 16-and 27-year-old daughters of the couple had also been injured, told investigators. In addition, a four year old and his 29-year-old mother from Afghanistan, as well as a ten-year-old girl from Syria had to be treated medically.

In the Video: the car attack in the Ruhr area


the next attack – the first in food – according to the police, no one was hurt. In the second attack in Essen, a 34-suffered-Year-old with Turkish roots, therefore, of a foot injury.

Where exactly are the crime scenes?

There are four different scenes, two in Bottrop and two in food. The first attack of the alleged offender occurred shortly before midnight on Easter fields road in Bottrop South. With his car the 50-Year-old, according to current knowledge, tried to capture a pedestrian. This, however, could Dodge. Of the Easter fields road, the man drove to the Berliner Platz. There, he drove into a crowd of people. Then his path led to eat to the neighboring.

On the castle road in the North of the city, he tried once again to drive into a group of Pedestrians. Similar to the Easter fields this road, people were able to Dodge in time. Shortly thereafter, he recorded the Frintroper street a man and injured him in the foot, before he was away, and stopped a few Hundred meters along the road Rabenhorst by the police and arrested.

Berliner Platz in Bottrop

What is the alleged offender known?

“It was the clear intention of this man to kill foreigners,” said North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU). Contacts in the extreme right-wing scene have not had the 50-year-old Andreas N. recent evidence shows that but.

NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul

It notes that he “has developed from a personal concern and displeasure out of hatred for Strangers,” said Reul, the radio station WDR 5. After SPIEGEL information of the alleged perpetrators said in his interrogation with the police, many foreigners are a Problem for Germany, which he wanted to solve.

Andreas N. has been instructed in the past at least once in a closed establishment. He suffered, according to initial findings of the investigators of a schizophrenic illness. It is unclear whether he is currently in psychological or psychiatric treatment. A well-Known, the man took medication and had to have a supervisor.

The 50-Year-old is not entered according to investigators before the fact by the police in appearance. He was neither the police nor the protection of the Constitution as Extremist known. Andreas N. lived alone, for years, to be unemployed and Hartz IV dependent.

“it was not possible to predict violent he was in my presence, never,” said a well-Known of the alleged perpetrator of the MIRROR. “For me, this is totally surprising, he has never commented disparagingly towards immigrants.”

How are the reactions?

On Twitter, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) appealed to the citizens. “This new year’s day, the intent for the 2019 clearer than ever: We stand together against violence,” he wrote. “The fight against hatred to other people, we will continue with all means of the rule of law is involved.”

Also Minister of the interior, Reul said, in North Rhine-Westphalia there is “zero tolerance” for perpetrators of violence – “no matter from which corner they will come”.

Deep also met the Lord mayor of Bottrop and Essen. On 1. January was supposed to be the 100-year anniversary of the city of Bottrop is to be celebrated. But the Feast at the Berlin court, one of the crime scenes, he cancelled due to “terrible events,” said Bottrop’s mayor Bernd Tischler (SPD). He hope that the injured recover soon.

Similar to his counterpart from eating said. His thoughts were now with the patients and their families, said Thomas runners (CDU). He wishes a speedy and full recovery. With carpenter, he wants to stay in close contact about the incidents.

What say the witnesses?

It is circulating a Video of eye-witnesses, shows the high speed of the alleged offender in Bottrop and Essen was on the way.

Sascha Demski saved in front of the driver, as he said in the ARD”issues of the day”. Previously, he had been with others on the road. Together, they wanted to celebrate in the new year. Then the car showed up. “The car barreled through the crowd. All jumped away to the right and to the left,” said Demski.

The police are not asking for more witnesses to spread images and Videos of the events on the Internet. Instead, witnesses should upload your files on a Portal of the Federal criminal police office. Under the phone number 0800/3040303 eyes can witness is also in contact with the police and notes report.


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