The new year is only a few minutes old, people celebrate on the roads, as a motorist in the Ruhr area, with a wild ride for horror. The man controls a silver car in Essen and Bottrop, multiple times in groups of pedestrians – apparently deliberately, with intention. Several people are injured, some seriously. The next day, the horror is great: Who would do such a thing and why?

The police can arrest the alleged offender in the new year’s eve. It is a 50-year-old German from Essen, was the evidence of racist motives. North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), told the WDR: “There was the clear intention of this man to kill foreigners.”

There were four different crime scenes. The alleged perpetrator is in each case deliberately in groups. Police and prosecutors spoke of a “targeted attack”. “There’s someone up with a killing intent in people,” said Reul.

subject: “Xenophobic Thinking”

The alleged perpetrator had a mental history, said Reul in the WDR-television. The background of the fact is according to findings from the first interviews but “xenophobic Thinking”. The man had already expressed at the time of his arrest racist.

the worst of The consequences had his car in Bottrop. There, the alleged perpetrator went to the Berlin’s Central place in the crowd, welcomed with firecrackers and rockets in the new year. Four people were injured, including Syrians and Afghans. A 46-Year-old floated for a time in danger of their lives.


One other injured, it was later in food. Two other Attempts of the man in Bottrop and eat passers-by to approach have failed. Here, the people were terror.

the man suffered from a schizophrenic disorder

According to SPIEGEL information, the 50-year-old said in his interrogation with the police, many foreigners are a Problem for Germany, which he wanted to solve. The man has been instructed in the past at least once in a closed establishment. He suffered, according to initial findings of the investigators of a schizophrenic illness. It is unclear whether he is still in psychological treatment.

The investigators the man appeared during the fact, “well-oriented”. So far, there are reportedly no indications that the 50-Year-old could have been involved in a larger network. The man has been reported so far, neither the police nor the protection of the Constitution as Extremist known and was not noticed by the security agencies before the fact.

The man lived according to the figures, alone, for years, to be unemployed and Hartz IV dependent. In the interrogation revealed that his rejection of foreigners apparently had a lot to do with their own dissatisfaction, for example according to the motto: Why have the just as much as I do? The take us here. Such sentences should be like in the interrogation.

Haphazard Odyssey through the Ruhr region

The 50-Year-old in front of the Auto-attacks should be a long while quite a plan and aimlessly through the Ruhr area. The investigators suspect, according to SPIEGEL information, he decided, either spontaneously went on a killing spree travel. Or he realized a long-cherished Plan, and may travel from Münster inspired by amok.

In April, was raced in Münster, a man with a van on a busy square. Four people were killed, more than 20 people injured. Then the perpetrator shot himself in the car. The 48-year-old on a rampage driver was according to the police, a mentally unstable German, who investigated the death. There was no terrorist background.

so Far, talks to the investigators, however, much to suggest that the 50-Year-old from Essen was more of a sudden impulse. That the alleged perpetrator people wanted to kill, is out of question: He’s supposed to be driven with considerable speed in the groups.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) after the fact, horrified, and calls for resistance against right-wing violence.

“My thoughts are with the injured of the attack in Bottrop, Germany,” he wrote on Twitter. On this new year’s day, the intent for the 2019 clearer than ever applicable: “We stand together against right-wing violence. The fight against the hatred of other people, we will continue with all means of the rule of law is involved.”

The Bottrop’s mayor Bernd Tischler (SPD) was “horrified and deeply shocked”. Supposed to be celebrated on Tuesday the 100th anniversary of the city of Bottrop. This Festival he have to be cancelled “in light of the terrible events”.


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