the economy of The Federal Republic of Germany is characterised by three major Trends that reinforce and partly mutually influence and open up the location in Germany as many opportunities as risks:

There is, first, the approaching a very long economic boom . Because the digitalization of almost all traditional business fields and, secondly,. And because the energy transformation is, thirdly,.

In six key German industries, of which the prosperity of millions of citizens depends, these lines of development in the coming year to be particularly strong breaks.

for example, the car industry, which was until a few years ago, Germany’s flagship industries and is now spinning from all of the three major economic trends.

As the energy sector, which forms the Foundation of the entire German economy, and in the course for the coming decades.

And as the financial sector, the Recession is on and digitalization is to exert such a pressure for Change that the two industry giants Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have to fear for their autonomy.

The German economy, will have to fundamentally transform. If it does not, this will withdraw the currently-acting global forces her soon to the Foundation. In 2019, the last year of the outgoing decade, will be, in this respect, a key year.

Click the images to read analysis for the Auto and financial industry, trade and the energy sector, the real estate industry and the aviation industry.

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