You know this from school: a week long-there are more important things than the material for the next exam. And then, if there’s less time to Learn prevent about fever, and a powerful headache to every thought of vocabulary or formulas.

In principle, quite similar to it is currently the German car industry. The self-inflicted problems dominate in Wolfsburg at Volkswagen, in Munich at BMW or in Stuttgart at Daimler, currently the everyday.

Because the processing of the Diesel scandal. The production of a traffic jam due to problems with the certification of new models according to the current emission regulations. And since the international race vehicles in the development of electric – a Segment that the German auto maker were long to sluggish.

Many managers are likely to secretly desire to have their homework done before. Because in the coming year, they will be developments to face, you can control the self, of which you but the more violent hit.

started Declining profits in China

The trade conflict, the Donald Trump of half the world, will unfold its full effect. At the beginning of December an emissary from BMW CEO Harald Krüger traveled together with Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) and Herbert Diess (Volkswagen) to Washington to vote for Trump, compared to Europe’s mild. However, it remains unclear whether they could do anything.

at Least compared to China the US President, has indicated recently a willingness to negotiate, and not announced to increase the punitive duties for the time being. But experience shows that such promises can be worthless if Trump indoor unit under political pressure.

The effects are reflected in the balance sheets of the corporations. BMW, for example, was previously shipping in the US plant in Spartanburg-built SUV X5 easily to China. Since the middle of the year, but Beijing imposed import duties to prevent up to 40 percent of the lucrative business. In 2019, the Tariff should decrease, but the Golden age will not return so quickly.

Also on the Chinese market, the pressure grows. The registration figures in the former boom country barely grow, the profit margins shrink. BMW chief financial officer Nicolas Peter expected for 2019 falling profits. Volkswagen and Daimler have added their profit warnings for the last quarter of the year 2018 a Chapter on the bleak Outlook.

driving bans in Germany

in addition to the distortions in world trade is likely to increase in 2019, another Problem: the driving bans in German cities. 13. December is not decided by the EU court, that nitrogen oxide limits for the diesel cars of the latest Generation (Euro 6) apply only in the laboratory, but also on the road.

Jürgen Resch, head of the German environmental aid (DUH), the judgment rule really encourages in his campaign against the Diesel. The environmental assistance has already sued dozens of cities, due to high nitrogen oxide charges and driving prohibitions are required. So far, they have yet to lose in any case.

market observers have written off the Diesel so already. For the carmaker this means nothing Good, because of the comparatively low-consumption Motor is used for the CO2 balance sheet of corporations. The required limit values for the fleet consumption will be adhered to without him. Fines in the millions threaten.

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