The German auto industry is working on an Alliance for Autonomous Driving. Leading manufacturer and supplier to check, according to the manager magazine, whether and how they could work together to develop a System for computer controlled cars. At the talks, the companies Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler, the automotive suppliers, Bosch and Continental are also involved, among other things.

The Alliance should remain open to other manufacturers and technology companies, it was said in the case of corporations involved. The Central impeller Volkswagen-chief Herbert Diess and BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich.

Yet it was only known that there is to the topic of talks between BMW and Daimler. Check the enterprise, apparently, a merger of the development activities, and could even open patents. Also on the subject of battery cells for electric cars, the car maker want to work together, Daimler will also apply, such as BMW its energy storage of CATL.

cooperation Daimler-BMW Swabian-Bavarian development aid

The two car makers are actually hard competitors, however, there are good reasons for cooperation: self-driving robot cars could Win threaten the business model of the two premium car manufacturers, you are struggling with stagnant heels, shrinking and stock prices in the long-term low.

notes to consolidated financial leaders want to March through Alliance

decide on The well-planned Alliance would be significantly larger. The corporate heads of the companies involved want to decide in March on the Alliance. Until then, high-level working groups on the Details, says the company. There are, for example, a question of which technique to be taken as a base, and who should play in the Alliance what is the role of.

so Far, the car builders and suppliers in the field of Autonomous driving have closed only a few: BMW is working with Intel and Ford, and has invested billions in the development of a self-driving vehicle that can get by 2021 on motorways long distances without a driver. Daimler is cooperating for a similar project with Bosch.

Volkswagen wants to work with Ford on the future of electric mobility are closely linked. Beginning with the joint development of vans and Pick-ups, later, the Federal on self-driving cars, mobility services and electric cars will be extended.


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