He pushes the shopping cart, it disappears between the shelves, removes with a secure handle that you are looking for, while he keeps nervously looking out for the tattooed consultant Mehmet, the last Time so exaggerated was flirting.

and on This he tried in the sound to stay quiet, even if you are away from him and the shopping cart, while she talks in a constant volume, as if they were alone in the immensity of the construction market, or as he would have already checked in at the Inn to the numbness.

He: I have now read all of this, what happened to the poor man from the Swedish singer, you know? Did you read this?

you: do You mean, Anne Sofie von Otter?

He: Yes, something like that. You, who killed himself.

you: Yeah, I read that, too.

: And the was totally innocent. Not a claim could be proven.

you: What was been actually claimed?

He: Yes, that he has directed his theatre as in Stockholm, so authoritarian. The people were afraid of him. Åsa Linderborg, the feuilleton boss of the “Aftonbladet”, has collected forty anonymous voices that accuse him of an authoritarian style of management, the even of sexual Assault does not tolerate, that is, not punishes. I’ll tell you, shit on anonymous allegations. This Cowardice. You have to punish, if it can’t be proven, then it is too late, the courage, someone to condemn, then showed up a little late! If only I knew where these frustrated girls live.

you: Sorry, you’re talking like Trump.

He: But why anonymously and so late? Why not have the fight brave with your boss?

you: Because you will lose then perhaps the Job? This is exactly the climate where the old Machos have constructed a System of fear and Gekusche, where to turn and can be done.

: Na so. Also: Authoritarian, something other than abuse. How to make a Director to stage a love scene, a photographer is a advertising, the erotic is? An author of a orgasm that is based on passion and not on mindfulness? This is the end of art! This is now so! Images in the galleries need to be hung, poems censored, are completely harmless. Gomringers poem: “Avenidas”, you know?

you: Yeah, an old Macho. But especially in art, many justify their bad Behavior with their work, which is also suspicious!

He: I don’t, my darling. However, it is exaggerated, the criticism and the clean man of fuss.

you: Yes, may be. But when forty women complain, because in Stockholm, forty, then is there something to it! That’s easy, all lies.

He: I find that false declarations under penalty! It may not be without consequences.

you: Is it a long time ago. Who needs to actually prove what?

He: (missed your question) The mean is that even if you’re innocent, Job is gone, the family or friends turn away from you. The French …, so Catherine Deneuve and so on, the MeToo debate do not understand at all. You can say to yourself always: stop! Final! Why not others?

you: Yeah, then you have to protect the, the, this power, this self confidence have not. Otherwise, the Fearful and intimidated to be punished. You must assist. In the factories, in the villages, in terms of hierarchies. A pretty spectacle of a beginner in the province, listen to me, Axel, don’t turn away, in the province of what the says, if the Director attaches a evening trial, so you will as a Gretchen or Penthesilea better? A bit on the blouse genestelt, a little bit you should crawl on the ground and roaring in him, the Director fall in love …

my God, this is an adventure for both of you. Where does the crime, where the evening to hear a sample?

you: I’m telling you! Quite clearly that, Where someone does not participate in truly voluntary! That’s where the fun stops. No means no, got it?

He: You don’t have to be coarse, darling!

you: But …

He: no, that’s it. You know in this border area is not always: “Ha! this is just me voluntarily, or I’ll be forced?“

At this point, the tattooed emerges. Mehmet is undecided in the vicinity, ready at any time to intervene if the woman needed help.

He (continues): Where is the resistance, because often bounce forces on each other. Since the Convention is overcome. The sample everyday life with us. But I agree with you that rape should be shown immediately and not only after decades. Since the victims need a lot more help.

you: But you have rotated, even with difficult Directors.

, and have witnessed three sadistic outbursts against colleagues and against a young female employee, the roars for an hour before the meeting, Meltem Team and ready-made. Really, an hour.

you: And you listened to good with?

He: Yes, unfortunately. We all have made us guilty, because we have kept silent. Since then, I know physically what was fascism. It should say: FaSCHISSmus! With two S. Because we were too Scared, you know?

you: And you know what I think? What we are trying to have with our sons? The Best thing is to encourage his children, whether girls or boys, for moral courage. The fact no criminal law can be removed, there is no works Council you.

He: Yes, my dear, how true, come on now, we deserve a Latte.

He puts his Arm gently around her shoulder and she wants to push gently in the direction of the cashier. However, he needs both hands for the large, now almost fully-loaded shopping cart.

He: I think, by the way, Woody Allen is completely innocent. I know the simple. It was on the roof floor, no rail, with the help of his son could play, so he> the step-daughter …

: it looks insane now.

: Who? Oh, Yes, and the adopted children, three are already dead. Well, to have this whole MeToo-story but really said all the things.

He: Yes, but we don’t. Do you know what is a pity?

you: tell me!

, here, uh, start this way: “Is a nun in the tram” – or: “a woman to the doctor, says the doctor, well …!” Or: “What’s a labia? Half a chicken!“

you: (keeps a straight face) Yeah, what is it?

As always, we won’t be able to tell all these jokes because they offend the women!

you: But we can laugh about other things! I think it’s totally inappropriate, to be honest.

He: Inappropriately? Yes: The topic is serious. For many really threatening. But the Humor remains on the track …

you: Yeah, because this kind of Humor is discrimination. Laughter unites people in the mockery of minorities, do you understand?

He: Jaaaaaaaah! The main thing, unites, I think. No, wrong again. I’m going crazy.

you: Blasey Ford, you know, the Professor, has now testified against Trumps judge candidates Kavanaugh that he tried to rape you, deserves a Nobel! You and your family are threatened and they have to hide, because she receives death threats.

He: Cruel. Yes.

: This courage. Against the highest judges in the country to testify. To change your whole life. Never would be able to anonymously and safely your old life, because she says: It’s my duty! Incredible.

The car is now Packed full, and to maneuver accordingly difficult. Remove. You listen to on the way to the checkout, as you continue the conversation.

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