The “image”-newspaper is planning a weekly politics magazine, which should come in the spring of 2019, first, in a market test in selected regions of Germany to the kiosks. “Image policy” would make the “most important questions of the week – outside of the traditional ministries, such as Interior or foreign policy”, announced the media house Axel Springer (“image”, world”) on Thursday evening in Berlin. The headings should be called “Anger”, “joy” and “curiosity” and be aware of the perspective of the reader.

The leaf wanted to appeal to the audience emotionally, described “the picture”-policy in-chief Nikolaus Blome the approach to the publication, behind the “image”-editorial. Blome and Springer Executive officer Selma star responsible for the market test.

The idea for the new release was the 32-year-old star. You’ve thought of an ideal blend of the British “Economist” and the “image”-the policy page – compact and to the point. After the test phase you will decide if the sheet should appear regular. Information on price and edition, Springer.

Springer-CEO Mathias Döpfner spoke of “a print magazine for the Online Generation”. Even if the media house is hiring now for the weekly “football image” after two years, for economic reasons, wool Springer to try in the light of the digitisation of new print products.

print image could be “” on the other side: RTL, is planning an expansion of its journalistic online services, the focus of News should be about celebrities, about the “image” often large reports (read more about the plans of in the case of LEVEL+).


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