Israel is facing elections in April, a new Knesset is to be elected. Since has dissolved the Israeli Parliament, the opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in position.

On Saturday evening, two prominent Ministers of the right settler party “the Jewish home announced” the formation of a new party. Education Minister Naftali Bennett and justice Minister Ajelet Schaked have founded the movement “The New right”.

The party should be according to their information, a partnership of secular and religious forces. Schaked expressed at a press conference in the hope that the right stock can capture with your new party gains. Bennett said in reference to the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu and the national camp could not “be held prisoner by a Person”.

Ex-chief of staff, founds his own party

polls, Netanyahu’s see, so far, of the conservative Likud party ahead. You are currently the strongest faction in Parliament. Netanyahu’s previous right-religious government coalition consists of five parties – including the settlers ‘ party, the Bennett and Schaked and leave.

in addition to these two top politicians also Benny Gantz has established a own party. The Ex-chief of staff wants to score with the movement “resistance to Israel” in the electorate. First, according to surveys of the 59-Year-old could have success with it, the strongest force remains, as yet, but the Likud in numerous corruption scandals involved Premier Netanyahu.


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