The Grand coalition wants to make it Pregnant in the future easier to learn about abortions.

To do this, you submitted after one year of dispute, a draft for the Reform of the ban on Advertising for abortion, of section 219a of the penal code,. The core point is that in the Future Doctors are to be allowed on their sites inform you that they perform abortions. Before the draft, drafted the five Ministers together, at the 6. February, to vote, to advise the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag.

ban on advertising for abortion “through the back door”

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and CSU leader Markus Söder want to check the compromise first. For the CDU must be ensured that no “back-door” ban on advertising for abortion would be abolished, said Kramp-Karrenbauer after a Meeting with Söder. “This is going to be for us the measure and we check at the Moment.” The agreed compromise will be seen “exactly,” added Söder. He hoped that the draft according to the ideas of the Union. “If this is so, then that’s fine. And if not, then we need to talk about it again.” The Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag , Nadine Beautiful, welcomed the agreement. It was uncontested that women who are unintentionally pregnant, comprehensive and appropriate Information and advice need. “It is important to us as a Union that the doctor merely informed that he leads such a measure. Further information is reserved to the competent independent Authorities.” The create legal certainty for Doctors and not carrying the idea that “it is in the case of a termination of pregnancy to a medical measure as any other.” Also, the family political spokesman for the group , Marcus vineyard, said the draft was a “a total of successful compromise”. The Union group will now review the Details of the scheme proposal. Doctors should have to refer not only to one but to all carriers of Advisory bodies in the vicinity of the Pregnant women. “Only the woman gets a neutral Overview of the various counselling services, and can even choose which carrier you are seeking advice and education,” said Weinberg.

Baerbock: draft law “breathes more distrust” against women

The Opposition to the proposal, however, does not go far enough.

Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock criticized on Twitter, the draft law “breathes, unfortunately, continue to distrust” toward women and Doctors. Scale for the Greens but help for women, and legal security for Doctors: “Who wants to, should delete §219a. Clear and simple”. Also, the left party practiced sharp criticism. What look at first glance to improve, pointing to the second view “the scandalous image of women”, the “Grand coalition,” said the Vice-Chairman Cornelia Möhring in Berlin. Pregnant women and Doctors don’t should continue to inform. “The paternalism of Doctors continues.” Abortion should remain according to the will of the government “in the dirty corner, and exclusion are taboo,” added Möhring. They again demanded the abolition of paragraph 219a. The Federal chamber of physicians welcomed the proposal of the Federal government: “This is a good compromise that helps everyone,” said doctors President Frank Ulrich Montgomery. . “That helps women in distress as well as the treating Physicians.” The Doctor Kristina Hänel, who had been convicted of a violation of 219a to a fine of 6000 Euro, is not satisfied. Although you should specify in the future on your Homepage that performs abortions. In addition, you could however provide no information. That would be according to the design alone via a Link to public Authorities.

the Hänel said that she was going to wear the dispute, as planned, in the next instance, the Frankfurt Oberlandesgericht. The Clause attack in their freedom of speech and freedom to choose an occupation, said Hänel. Your dispute had inflamed the debate.


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