The Bangladesh planned repatriation program for Rohingya refugees has failed. None of the 150 members of the Muslim minority appeared in a transit zone established Camp, and Myanmar brought back, and informed the authorities. Instead, around a thousand Rohingya people demonstrated near the border between the two countries. “We will not go”, and “”We want justice,” chanted the demonstrators.

According to official data, the returns on a voluntary Basis should be made, however, fear of violence and repression among the Rohingya in Myanmar. The Muslim minority persecuted for decades. From the violence of the military more than 720,000 Rohingya fled since August, 2017 to neighboring Bangladesh. There they lived in appalling conditions in refugee camps near the town of Cox’s Bazar.

Bangladesh castle with Myanmar, a readmission agreement, for the time being, nearly 2,300 Rohingya refugees in the neighboring country. According to representatives of the municipalities, hid many of the on the repatriation list captured Rohingya, however, before the authorities.

Red cross and Amnesty International are warning of the return of the Rohingya

warned The International Committee of the Red cross in front of a return of the Rohingya to Myanmar. The conditions in your home are members of the Muslim minority is not safe, said Robert Mardini, the UN observers of the auxiliary organization. Accordingly, the conflict between the Rohingya and the government of Myanmar was not resolved. In the Rest of the people had no place they could return, as “so many villages” had been made in their home province of Rakhine in the ground, said Mardini.

Among the Bangladesh refugees Rohingya conquer panic, they could also be against their will, sent back, said UN human rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet on Tuesday. In Myanmar, they would be thrown “in the spiral of human rights violations,” under which the minority have been suffering for decades, said Bachelet.

Amnesty International called on Bangladesh and Myanmar on Wednesday to stop the “reckless” plans to Return “immediately”. You endangered people’s lives. “These women, men and children would be sent without any guarantees of Protection back in the grip of the military in Myanmar to live next to those who set fire to their houses, and whose bullets they fled,” said the human rights organization.

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