SPD Leader Andrea Nahles has given concrete expression to their ideas for a replacement of the Hartz-IV system. “The new base backup must be a citizen of money,” she writes in a guest contribution for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The benefits should be clear and adequate, sanctions would have to be largely eliminated. The strength of social cohesion in the country.

Nahles announced a week ago at a debate camp for your party is a “social state reform in 2025” and stressed: “We will let Hartz IV behind us.” Calls for higher minimum wages, subsidies should be socially dependent taxes and tax bonuses, a lot fewer people than today due to backup – it is always cheaper to work instead of the unemployment Fund.

the number of the two million children that live in Hartz IV-the house had to be reduced. “This experience, a ‘Hartz-IV-child’, imprinted for life. Therefore, we need an independent children’s basic security, the children from the social assistance get and I can,” writes Nahles. A better living money could prevent that, “people will be driven in the face of skyrocketing Rents in the basic backup”. Currently, the Hartz IV set is 416 Euro per month.

Altmaier, criticized foray

Nahles wants to see less bureaucracy and hardness. “The Symbol for the distrust of the state as to the reason for hedging, the sanctions have become recipients”, criticized it with a view to the in of the SPD-chancellorship of Gerhard Schröder introduced with the amalgamation of unemployment assistance and social assistance. “You act as if recipients of the Performance from the outset, to cheat want.”

Concrete financial ideas under Nahles not submitted. Greens leader Robert Habeck had presented a few days ago, however, a concept for a 30 billion Euro at the end of the “warranty backup food” with a bundling of services, without the need to work.

economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, dismissed the claims of the SPD and the Greens after a Hartz-IV-abolition. “We cannot, and will not abolish Hartz IV,” said the CDU politician of the newspaper The world. “Such proposals are highly dangerous, and damage the future of our country.” The Hartz IV reforms of Gerhard Schröder was right, and have significantly helped to reduce unemployment. “The SPD is so bad, because it distances itself again and again against better Knowledge of its own Actions, such as Agenda 2010 and Hartz IV.”

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