Shown above is a poster of letting consumers know about the up-and-coming advertising campaign of Baskin Robbins based on a new video made through ChatGPT. Photo Courtesy of SPC

SPC affiliate makes unprecedented moves in the country

Baskin-Robbins Korea announced on March 27 that it would create an advertising video clip by taking advantage of ChatGPT for the first time in the country.

As a part of efforts to market its new flavor in April, the affiliate of SPC Group plans to come up with the unprecedented ads under the alliance with Sanrio, which owns many famous fictional characters.

In specific, the video will feature such Sanrio characters as Kuromi and My Melody, which will visit Baskin Robbins Castle to search for the taste of this April.

Many Korean corporations and organizations have tried to make innovative moves with ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot of OpenAI, which came to town late last year.

But it marks the first time for any firm or outfit to generate a commercial video clip based on the generative AI program.

Baskin Robbins noted that SPC Vice President Hur Hee-soo had spearheaded the new-concept marketing initiative on the power of ChatGPT.

Hur has masterminded the introduction of cutting-edge technologies to the management of SPC Group, as demonstrated by the group’s advance into the metaverse platform Zepeto.

Before SPC, no other Korean food and beverage companies tapped into Zepeto, developed by South Korean internet giant Naver to attract fans across the globe.

“Baskin Robbins has offered great pleasures to customers through the taste-of-the-month events, and this time around, we opted to use ChatGPT along with Sanrio,” a Baskin Robbins official said.

“We are set to promote our premium products through collaboration with popular character creators using leading-edge technologies down the road.”

Beginning next month, the video titled “Once Spoon a Time” will be available on Baskin Robbins’ official YouTube channel. The company is also scheduled to carry out related marketing campaigns.

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