BAT Rothman Country Manager Kim Eun-ji, left, holds the agreement after signing a memorandum of understanding with Korea Welfare Services official Jeon Tae-seok during a signing event at the head office of BAT Rothman in southern Seoul on March 10. Photo courtesy of BAT Rothman

Seoul-based firm offers helping hands for the youths in need

BAT Rothmans has teamed up with the Korea Welfare Services (KWS) to offer helping hands to youngsters in their early 20s who are leaving community homes for the first time.

Toward that end, the two outfits signed a memorandum of understanding on March 10, promising guardianship of the youths in need.

This is not the first time for BAT Rothmans to support underprivileged people _ since 2015, it has operated various programs to back single-parent families along with the KWS.

Starting this year, BAT Rothmans plans to provide academic and employment education support for the youths who are starting to stand on their own as the community home facility protection ends.

The corporation also donated a total of 50 used laptops to the KWS to underpin the academic education for the beneficiaries.

BAT Rothmans noted that it would continue to serve as a wide-ranging guardianship, including financial consulting education for economic independence, as well as support for academic and vocational education for first-timers who begin their life career alone.

“BAT Rothmans has been working to provide practical help to the underprivileged and neighbors in the local community for ‘A Better Tomorrow,’” BAT Rothman Country Manager Kim Eun-ji said.

“We will continue to achieve the social goal of BAT Rothmans: supporting future talent – along with the role of the corporate social contribution that expands the social safety net.”