BAT Rothmans has started accepting applications from potential competitors in an environmental competition for university students. Photo courtesy of BAT Rothmans

University students invited to Eco Club League

BAT Rothmans announced on May 2 that it had opened the “University Eco Club League” and started accepting applications from potential competitors.

The league is a program aimed at fostering creative young innovators through the implementation of environmental initiatives, according to BAT Rothmans.

Last year, the company operated a similar event, dubbed “Eco University Student Ambassador Program.” This year, it hosts the Univ. Eco Club League to raise greater awareness of environmental issues within the university community.

Varsity clubs with more than five members are eligible for the public competition by submitting ideas for waste reduction or recycling related to the “A Better Tomorrow” goal.

Participants can make applications at a dedicated website of BAT Rothmans before the deadline set on June 6.

The final 10 university teams selected through the two-stage evaluation procedures will receive 2 million won as the club support fund.

The 10 finalists are supposed to carry out their respective projects, and after the final project presentation and evaluation, the winners will receive a prize award at the end of the year.

BAT Rothmans plans to provide a variety of training programs and education sessions to the teams participating in the Univ. Eco Club League.

Moreover, the proposed eco-friendly ideas will be actively applied to the company’s future ESG agenda.

“We will ensure that university students who are our future leaders play a leading role in expediting A Better Tomorrow,” a BAT Rothman spokesman said.

“We continue investing in the environmental operation of the local manufacturing facility and expand ESG activities through various talent development programs for Tomorrows Korean.”

Brief for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a corporation or business.

During the past few years, the initiative has emerged as an essential managerial value across the globe.

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