Baukinder money – So the state aid for the financing of works baukinder money from the age of 18. September

The Grand coalition wants to make it easier for families on the path to home ownership: the Case of a child, there is a grant of 12,000 euros from the state when building a house or buy an apartment, each additional child € 12,000. These are the conditions.

Who can apply for baukinder money?

families and Single parents with at least one child under the age of 18 living in the household, and for that you get child benefit. The taxable household income must not exceed 90,000 euros per year for a child – each additional child € 15,000.

the average of the taxable income of the second and third year will be made prior to the receipt of the application. So anyone who suggests of 2018, a request, looks at the income tax assessments for 2015 and 2016. Income the income of the applicant and of the Partners.

What are baukinder money?

the first-time construction or purchase of residential property for self-use in Germany – whether in the city or in the country. As new houses or apartments with between 1 apply. January 2018 and 31. December 2020 granted planning permission. When buying an apartment or a house – whether new or old – must purchase the notary contract between the 1. January 2018 and 31. December 2020 signed.

The applicant must be the owner, or at least to a minimum of 50 percent co-owner. It is demonstrated that the extract from the land register.

How high is the baukinder money?

Per child there is a grant of 1200 Euro per year, and ten years. A family with a child gets a total of 12,000 euros, in the case of two children it is € 24,000. With each subsequent child the amount is increased to € 12,000. KfW

However, For children born after the receipt of the application or incorporated in the budget, there is no baukinder more money.

when must a request be made?

Entitled to Apply for a grant only after the feeder. Then you have three months time. As a move-in date, the official registration certificate.

Who’s in this year before the age of 18. September moved in, has up to 31. December time for the application. The child or children may not have been on the move-in date older than 18 years and must not be later than three months after the collection was born.

Where the application is submitted?

in Charge of the state development Bank KfW, the application shall be made on the grant portal ( Necessary proof of identity and evidence of eligibility conditions.

Can also be other funding used?

The combination with other public funding such as loans, allowances and grants is, in principle, possible, such as the KfW emphasized. The promotion must not be higher than the cost of a new building or purchase.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit KfW warns that The baukinder money is not worth cho/AFP

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