Around 9.5 million citizens, including over 600,000 first-time voters are the on 14. October will be called to elect a new Parliament for the next five years. 180 seats are up for grabs, of which 91 are Directly and 89 of list mandates. By Overhang and balance mandates, the number could still rise.

Around 18 o’clock, the election close and local. A short time later is expected to be the first high bills.

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Why is the election in Bavaria, so exciting

The choice is observed with voltage. Because the CSU has to expect according to all the polls with the loss of its absolute majority in the Parliament, will have to look for expected to be a coalition partner. Second strongest would be the Green.

that is Totally open, how many parties will be in Parliament to represent – it could be the according to surveys, up to seven. The AfD is probably a shoo-in, having to fear, in contrast, FDP and the Left – where the FDP was in the recent polls, usually just above the Five-percent hurdle, and the Left just below it.

However, past elections have shown that polls today have only a limited significance, as the vote goes. One reason is that many voters are undecided until the end whether you go for election and whom will you then choose.

So Bayern select

Each voter has two votes: the first vote to choose a candidate in one of the 91 counties to Vote directly, with the second vote a list of candidates of a party.

the extent of any individual candidates, but in General, a party will be attributed to the voice of the party the distribution of seats. Important: unlike the election, the sum shall be First and second votes on the distribution of seats in the Parliament. Both votes are for the distribution of seats, therefore, exactly the same is important.

How do the first calculations in the case of elections?

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