A ski tour-goers at the Blomberg in the upper Bavarian Wacker mountain (in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen) from falling Branches of a tree had been slain. The man was about 100 meters below the summit of the tree crown, taken, police said. This was broken under the weight of the snow.

The man from Penzberg was instantly dead. He was, according to the police alone. Following the tour-goers had found the 44-Year-old on Sunday afternoon and the emergency forces are alerted.

On Sunday, two German skiers were killed in Avalanches in the Austrian mountains killed. Both died in Vorarlberg, police said. In the Western province prevailed in large Parts of the Austrian Alps after heavy snow great avalanche of cases, danger.


However, a 26 ventured in Schoppernau-Year-old from the Bavarian district of Dachhau in the deep snow off-piste, and was buried by a snow Board. His 25-year-old companion was able to locate the man immediately because his legs out of the snow sticking. With the aid of mountain rescuers they dug him. He could not be revived any more.

skiers were died equipped with avalanche Airbag

The skier, although he was equipped with an avalanche Airbag. This is to keep winter sports enthusiasts in an emergency, from under the snow pulled.

In the case of a second avalanche a 32 died-Year-old from the vicinity of Heilbronn. He was in the afternoon with a 25-year-old Skier in the area of Damüls on-the-go, as he was buried up to the neck. The two winter sports enthusiasts were also avalanche emergency equipment. But before the man could be saved, were deposited more Snow on him and buried him completely. Also in this case, it was the rescue workers to revive the man.

In another deadly accident in Vorarlberg, a Swiss snowboarder came on Sunday in a bend of the slope and plunged 20 meters deep into a steep slope. The 24-Year-old with head and upper body remained in the deep snow.


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