The 63-billion-Dollar Acquisition of US-based seed producer Monsanto makes the Bayer-to create Board of Directors. On Tuesday, an administrative court in Lyon, the approval for Roundup Pro 360 revoked. This weed killer contains glyphosate to be that is suspected to be carcinogenic.

In the current case, the judge came to the conclusion that the state Agency had made for food safety, Anses a mistake when they issued a Roundup in March of 2017 admission. Even if glyphosate was released by the European Union, had tests, scientific studies, and animal shown that the herbicide is due to its composition, more toxic than glyphosate. The product is possibly carcinogenic to humans and harmful to the environment.

Bayer believes that the decision of the administrative court of Lyon is wrong. The decision will now be analysed, and legal options examined, said a company spokesman. Of the Anses was initially no opinion.

Because it was not only the approval of this special product are likely to be financial implications for Bayer low, stated the analysts of Bernstein. Bayer shares closed on Friday in the Plus.

glyphosate was developed by Monsanto and by the Americans and now by Bayer under the brand name Roundup sold. The herbicide is produced by other companies, since the Patent is expired for years. Bayer sees itself because of the Weed killer in the United States, with about 9300 plaintiffs faced.

The Leverkusen argue that glyphosate is safe if used properly, and thereby rely on more than 800 scientific studies. The EU Commission had extended to the end of 2017, the registration of glyphosate to five years.


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