For the red-clad spectators in the Sinsheimer Arena was the end of the season after the final whistle, basically. “German master, only the FCB is to be”, sang the Bayern fans after the convincing 3:1 win against Hoffenheim, who can be one, two goals higher.

Who could it have to the Bayern, which had in the preliminary round, so much criticized, but also blame you, the downfield grateful to accept, and the hunt for the League leaders from Dortmund opened? “Our goal is to be the first,” said coach Niko Kovac. “I don’t know if it has ever given in the history that a club caught up a temporary, Nine-points-distance. But that’s our goal.”

On Friday there were only three points behind Dortmund. BVB should win in Leipzig, it would be six. Wherein any of the computing games with only 18 of the 34 games played are still plenty of pointless.



more Important than the result point of view, is likely to have been from Bayern on Friday evening that the team was not so occurred that one can imagine a happy end to the race to catch up to this performance at least. Exactly had not been until the end of November, Yes. Who will win at home against Freiburg and Düsseldorf, and against Mönchengladbach 0:3 loses, forced in a small voice.

He can also be loud, when the results are in: Since the 3:3 against Fortuna all six of the League were won at the games. In Sinsheim, the Bayern brought their individual Superiority abundantly clear to the court: they played the more pleasing football, and they showed the primary virtues, without which was won by the circle A League to the Champions League, rarely does a football game.

Or, as Hoffenheim coach Julian nail man insight put it: “If you’re talent-free areas, such as combat leadership and aggressiveness significantly worse than the opponent, the talent is rich, then it will be difficult.” A two-fight ratio of 39 to 61 says a whole lot, the perceived Superiority of Bayern was even more obvious about it.

This was not only due to the regained strength of Bayern, but also on the opponent. Hoffenheim played in the first round, as weak as never before in this season. The space that gaped between the three-chain and a midfield with no real sixers would probably have accepted worse teams than FC Bayern grateful.

How a Porsche driver on the lonely highway

Also Leon Goretzka, who met two Times and in addition to the unfortunate Heimer goalkeeper Oliver Baumann the best man on the place was, must have felt like a Porsche driver on a specially-blocked highway: “We had a lot of rooms. When we because a little bit of a consequent to occur, we have a quiet evening.” How to do it, you could then substitute James show, the fight for a new contract. His centimeter-accurate cross to Thomas Müller made the game-winning 3:1 by Robert Lewandowski.


Probably the most Bayern would give a lot for it, if the game plan would give you in the back round Friday’s games. The Dortmund, should in future reloading constantly “on”, seemed to be on Friday anyway, to the fixed idea in the Bayern camp. “If we win, we put Dortmund under pressure, you must follow suit”, said coach Kovac. And defender Niklas Süle wish to age, place of work, that it “will now hopefully be every week so that we can produce.”

A pious wish, because of the BVB and Bayern need to up to the end of the season most of the time ran the same. And to my, of all things, the beginning of the return round of the season for the FCB begins actually, it is the round planner does not work well with the Munich: At the next, and the next weekend, Dortmund plays even a day in front of you. Even for the resurgent Bayern, it would be hard to submit.

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