The son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has received because of anti-Muslim Statements, problems with Facebook: The online network deleted the comments and blocked his page for 24 hours, as Yair Netanyahu announced on Sunday via Twitter. He threw Facebook, to build a “thought dictatorship”.

The 27-year-old politician’s son had asked on Thursday in a Facebook post all the Muslims to Leave Israel. He was responding to a deadly attack on two Israeli soldiers. There are only two options for peace in Israel, wrote to Yair Netanyahu. “Either, all the Jews left Israel, or all Muslims. I prefer the second Option.”

Yair Netanyahu is regularly targeted by critics of his father. You raise the question of why the 27-Year-old lives without an official function at the residence of the Prime Minister and a bodyguard and a Chauffeur. It is speculated that Netanyahu wants to drag his son to the political heirs.


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