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Britain’s largest car maker Jaguar Land Rover has announced a one-week production stop in April because of the Brexits. The closure affects all three of the company’s plants in the UK.

The car maker had already reduced its production and a shortened work week at its plant in Castle Bromwich introduced. Since October, were manufactured in only three days the week cars. The step is designed to help company management to avoid layoffs.

the group chief Executive Ralf Speth had repeatedly warned of the consequences of a hard Brexits and Thousands of lost jobs. Speth had complained, moreover, that the British government dämonisiere diesel vehicles, this alone cost this year of thousands of Jobs. 90 per cent of UK vehicles sold by Jaguar Land Rover are equipped with diesel engines.

Overview DPA Brexit-follow: double blow to Germany’s company

in view of the uncertainty of the situation and have started British companies already have their emergency plans: The ferry operators P&O announced plans to register his in the English channel ships in the future on Cyprus. The vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson wants to relocate its headquarters to Singapore, and was appointed officially to the high demand in Asia. The low-cost airline Easyjet is trying to shareholders from the UK and other countries outside the European economic area to get rid of.

Also, German companies have begun preparations for a possible disorderly Brexit. Thus, the chemical – and pharmaceutical group Bayer larger storage areas for medication in the UK and the EU. The car manufacturer BMW has preferred in a British factory, the summer break on the Brexit-date.


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