beer sales have increased this year significantly, especially thanks to the very warm summer. “We expect to end the year with a Plus of around one percent,” says the chief Executive of the German brewers Association, Holger Eichele.

years earlier had decreased the consumption of beer significantly. German Breweries sold in 2017 as little beer as never before since the reunification. The possible reasons for the decline: The population in Germany is growing older and old age people to drink less alcohol. According to a study by the Federal centre for health education, young people tend to drink less alcohol than even a few years ago. The Breweries react to it with new alcohol-free varieties.

sales Of these drinks have developed according to Eichele in this year’s “sensational”: He had climbed from January to September by eleven percent compared to the previous year; the non-alcoholic beer, beverages mixed, such as cyclists, even 21 per cent. Alcohol-free beer is already at a revenue share of just under seven per cent in Germany. “In the future, we will be brewing every tenth litre of alcohol-free,” says Eichele. The offer is large: There are more than 400 different brands.

The Craft Beer movement had a very small share of the total sales – not more than one half of one percent, but you was due, according to Eichele “a large part of the Renaissance of brewing”. The offer, for example, of regional or seasonal Beers will always be wider, the consumers are at the same time “interested and informed”.

The average price for a case of the top brands such as Beck’s, Krombacher or Warsteiner was according to information from industry circles this year, with more than 13 euros. Even the offer of trade prices to lure customers into the shops, 2018 above the important threshold of ten euros.


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