Vehement school opponents from Hessen have suffered before the European court of human rights is a defeat. The Strasbourg judges see the rights of the Christian family through the short-term placement of their children in the home are not injured, such as from a on Thursday published judgment (Beschwerdenr.: 18925/15).

The Couple from Darmstadt, Germany, had refused, on religious grounds, to send his four children to school. The authorities brought the children to then 2013 for three weeks in the home to the school’s duty to enforce. The parents see it as their human right to family life violated.

reasons were “relevant and sufficient”

The Strasbourg judges noted that with the sub-custody withdrawal had in fact been in this right to intervene. The reasons were “relevant and sufficient”.

So, the German authorities had had reason to believe that the children were in danger, were isolated and had no contact to people outside the family had. The parents would have less prevents strict measures by the lack of cooperation with the authorities.

According to the home residence of the children, the family was United again, but the Wunderlich’s fought in several courts to be allowed to teach the children at home. The strictly religious family holds the school’s requirement for a “restriction of Liberty”.

The Abholaktion the police described Wunderlich at the start of the process in Strasbourg as “terrifying”. The front door was opened with a battering RAM, the apartment “stormed”, the parents pushed to the side and the children “” has been dragged away.

suit back in 2006

teaching at home rejected is not allowed in Germany, unless the school-age children are no longer sick. Parents who deny their children schooling, also face the threat of imprisonment.

Already in 2006, the European court of human rights in another case from Germany: There is no right to Home school. Justification the Strasbourg judges agreed with the reasoning of the Federal constitutional court. In addition, parents could educate their children to the school in accordance with their religious Beliefs.


When Homeschooling, in Europe there are no uniform rules, the court of human rights. Family Wunderlich from Hesse wanted to emigrate, therefore, to France, a different set of parents, brought his children in an Austrian village. Switzerland also makes more room for manoeuvre.

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