As the men for the first Time, melted the last snow of winter. Go down the alley to the yard, past the empty dog-kennel, and the light of your flashlight illuminates the sparse way. Sinah Marie Cooper sleeps.

In the past few days she had felt, how aggressive Strangers can be. Again and again she read it on Instagram: you, Sinah, Marie, should be raped and killed, was standing there. You should be gutted, their throats cut. This was not a Shitstorm more, the sound of a Lynch mob.

And then, you are really there.

just before the men reach the house, the dog in the hallway. Sinah Marie wakes up, wants to go to the door. As she looks through a window as the group wanders through the garden. She opens a window and screams. In short the men pause. Then they run and disappear in the bog behind the property.

you will come back again, because Marie is Sinah sure.

Sinah Marie Cooper is 25 years old, house owner, College student in Hamburg, dog lover and hunter. The latter has earned her the Trouble.

hunting test 22

Sinah Marie grew up in the country in Oldenburg, Germany, her grandmother ran a farm in Kappeln on the Schlei, an idyllic strip in Schleswig-Holstein. Even as a five-year-old Marie moved Sinah feathers from slaughtered geese, gathered cranberries, and a boiled them.

As a teenager, she joined the country’s youth. She met a young hunter, accompanied them. Soon the majority of your circle of friends consisted of hunters, and they decided to make himself the hunting license. At the age of 22, she passed the test and got to shoot only a permit. Your views on nature have changed as a result of the Hobby completely, she says.

Sinah Marie to be able to assign 30 different eggs of a suitable species, dozens of trees and shrubs to recognize. You can see which sections of a country road, you slower have to drive, because deer, or wild pigs could run on the roadway.


Four months after the audit Marie killed Sinah for the first Time. You shot a few days old fawn whose mother had died in a car accident. After the shot she was crying. “This was not easy for me. But I am convinced that it was necessary.”

At the beginning Marie was Sinah hard to be in the local hunting community recognized. It has no area, other hunters, they took rare on a hunt. Therefore, you searched the net, and created Accounts for Facebook and Instagram – and found it. Soon she wrote to more people than you could meet to Hunt.

picture by picture on Instagram

you Like it, to document their forays into the forest in the network. As @Waidfraeulein you post on your Instagram channel image to image; of hunting, of their dogs, of game bagged. In addition, sentences such as “Actually, I was in search of my beloved sows… but a medieval deer at 5 yards does it well” and “I am soooo grateful that God has given me such a perfect Situation” – garnished with hearts in Pink. More than 10,000 Followers read on a regular basis.

the best of the best Image of Hunting. For many, it symbolizes a Hobby of old men who feel strong and powerful when they kill animals. Sinah Marie would like to change that. It’ll make you angry, how contemptible about a hunter going to talk, she says. “Here, eat over 90 percent of German meat.”

the fight against the double standards

consumed only animals she has killed-personally – an internship in a pig fattening operation has reinforced this decision. Her studies of agricultural Sciences, she broke off, switched to business administration. A Waidfraeulein in the fight against the double standards of our meat company, you see. Until it flips.

On 4. March of this year, posting Sinah Marie a photo. The subject: The young woman kneels in hunting gear behind a dead Fox. Your dog Anton is nestled in the crook of one arm, in the Hand of Marie holds Sinah your rifle. To do this, she writes: “The old lout thought he could get my peacocks. I was wrong.” She is proud of the majestic birds, which keeps you on your property.

by noon the next day to your phone look wild to leave strange people nasty comments. She was a vile Person, for example. Five it are. Sinah Marie decides to delete it.

But then it starts: A few hours later, thousands of additional comments are below the picture. Animal rights activists have divided the Post in the network. The digital Lynch mob is forming. Kill. Rape. The time of evisceration. “I was scared,” says Sinah Marie. “Many of them were family fathers, and the daughters were not much younger than I had. Why write so-what?”

at first she tried to discuss with the commentators. But it nothing helps. A little later the Unknown to find out the phone numbers of her sister and mother, and publish it. Then the men appear on the plot, on the Sinah Marie and her boyfriend lives. The hatred has left the network, and he has Sinah tracked down Marie’s home.

“Unique threat”

The next evening the men come back. You ring the bell and disappear, ring the bell and disappear. The young woman calls the police. But your house is situated in a valley, a few kilometres outside the village of Malente, where the nearest guard is located. When the police come, gone are the men. Take Sinah Maries display. Then you have to go. A little later the men’s fixtures with flashlights in the bedroom. “This was a unique threat,” says Sinah Marie. “Wanted to show me: We’re still here.”

The men are now coming almost every night. Her boyfriend works a lot, often overnight, on business. But even his presence does not scare the visitors. Once Sinah Marie opens the door, your dog on the collar. One of the men stands in the darkness of the yard, looking at you silent. Then he disappears.

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Sinah Marie is asleep and learns, and on the phone these days on one of their high-seats at the edge of the forest. Her house, she says, was a war zone. She sleeps mostly during the day, when the men can’t hide in the darkness.

In a night you can send a picture in Snapchat: a with tablets larded piece of meat that someone stops in front of the dog kennel on Sinah Maries land.

the 25-Year-old says. You hunt and butcher the animals themselves, spend many hours alone on the high seat. But in these weeks you’ve been really scared. You can be a video camera, install, more spot in the yard. But it does not help. The men continue to come. Shortly thereafter, the high seat of a neighbor is destroyed. Sinah Marie believes that the attack was for her.

Bad dream

However, just as the visits began to slow, they eventually, become less. And to listen to. Like a storm. Like a bad dream.

Sinah Marie has those, the attacks on Facebook, displayed because of the insult. “I don’t want to make it clear, that this is so,” she says. “I’m all for criticism and debate. But I won’t berate.” The photo with the dead Fox has not deleted it. You want to soft, she says, an inch back. And she hopes to one day meet at least one of their tormentors in person.

Then, she says, she wants to ask him what he was doing for the nature. On the stand, he also five times a week at three o’clock at night, in order to free injured deer from wires? He’ll also be awake at night to ring the bell to give an animal the coup de grace, was injured in a car accident? And what he wanted to achieve with the threats? What was the goal? Can he understand what he did to her?

Every Time when it rings today, to your door, feel Sinah Marie Cooper in the first place: fear.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.