Vodafone has terminated to the customer with the so-called Black-Fare. Blame it on the new expensive iPhone is, apparently, how the “image”newspaper reported. Customers with this premium contract will have the privilege to always get the latest device for just one Euro. For this, you pay 200 Euro per month.

this agreement could benefit, among others, also friends, Acquaintances, or family members of the approximately 14,000 Vodafone employees. You could take the Black-a contract for only 100 Euro in a month, if they have been previously invited. Up to five people allowed to advertise any Vodafone employees for this luxury contract.

“it Was no longer economically feasible”

But it is precisely these customers, the so-called “Family & Friends”-a variant of the Black-a contract has now been terminated. A spokesman for the group told the “Bild”-newspaper on request: “Due to the strong increase in equipment prices of many manufacturers, the offer with a year, a new high-end Smartphone was no longer feasible economically.”

All of the customers of the luxury tariff has been cancelled, according to the speaker by the deadline to the end of the contract, as the newspaper reported. Until the deadline had expired, were all of the contractually warranted services continue to be available. “As an Alternative, we enable our customers to a change in our Red-tariff portfolio with discounts,” said the spokesman. Here, the Digital-to-Newsletter

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