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About 25 minutes are over, because Michelle Obama is faltering in her speech. She has just said, how important it is to motivate others to go out and find people. Because someone calls something in between, and it is loud in the sports hall. The crowd begins to clap, hoot, and screech. On stage Michelle grin must, then sets several times: “you Know, we need you guys.” And in the audience call: “We need you, we need you!” She laughs: “you got to stop with the nonsense.”

the election campaign for the Midterms in the Chaparral High School in Las Vegas. Michelle Obama speaks of the duty to vote, to take your destiny into your own Hand, of how important it was not to be intimidated, but the own voice to be heard, to get involved. Sometimes it’s only 50 votes, which will decide in a choice circle, who will be the next President, the next Senator, the next Deputy will be. And then she says: “If we all go, choose, imagine, what a leader we could choose!”

Michelle Obama, born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, First Lady from 2009 to 2017, one day, even as a presidential candidate for the Democrats in the race will go, it has excluded several times. And yet, every Time there is again a headline value if you repeated exactly.

Which type of an American, what it takes to be the next President?

to understand why the 54-year-old Ex-First-Lady embodies the object of such desires, is the state of the Opposition in the United States. That Hillary Clinton has lost in 2016 against Donald Trump, don’t understand a lot of today, the former presidential candidate himself, probably at the very least. And the question is, who could now challenge in the next election, due in 24 months, the acting President, has already stated, re-compete, you are faced with currently in political Washington, to great perplexity.

Too early, it was long, it was only after the Midterms are going to peel a candidate, the result will show which type has been successful, and it can also be in two years. Woman, man, progressive and left, or moderate and business-friendly of the big cities on the coast, or rather someone from the countryside or from the suburbs of Metropolitan areas.

Now that the Midterms are over, the perplexity remained. A clear picture may not have drawn the elections. On The Contrary. There are bright shooting stars, like the New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the locker has brought to their parliamentary mandate, but many apply as much to the left. And there are disappointed hopes like the Texan Beto O’rourke, has not managed to conquer the Senate seat from Ted Cruz, but still Large trusted.

“An intimate conversation with Michelle Obama”

On the other hand, the stalwarts such as Barack Obama’s former Vice-President Joe Biden, in spite of his 75 years, a lot of trust there are, to be the Democratic party’s nomination when he comes in because that is the only, or the billionaire and former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Even the most experienced Senators such as Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren have interest. But it still is completely unclear to whom the party could agree, and to beat especially, who would be in it with the strategy in Hand, Donald Trump.

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