New simulation game BTS World/Courtesy of Netmarble

Pre-registration starts for new BTS mobile game

The much-anticipated mobile game called “BTS World” is set to debut in the near future as its maker, Korean company Netmarble, starts pre-registration for the simulation game.

BTS World became available for pre-registration beginning May 10 at the dedicated site of the Seoul-based game publisher (

In the game, a player will become a manager of BTS in 2012. He or she will have to pick up phone calls from BTS members and arrange their schedules.

In other words, BTS World enables players to virtually interact with BTS members through a one-on-one interactive system.

The world turns upside down the moment you grab the ticket. When you open your eyes, you’re somewhere unfamiliar, back in the year 2012. Wait, you’re a BigHit employee?” the site notes.

You’ve just become BTS’s manager in a world where BTS doesn’t even exist yet. Their debut is now in your hands.”

BigHit Entertainment debuted BTS in 2013.

The game features more than 10,000 photos and 100 story videos of the group members. Netmarble, also the second largest shareholder of BigHit, hopes that BTS World will become a huge success.

At the dedicated site, some stories are already available.

Asked what kind of manager they would like to have, BTS members express their preference.

Someone who understands me even without saying a word,” Jimin says.

Someone who’s ready to do anything necessary to wake me up in the morning,” V says.

Someone who gets things done quickly and completely,” Jungkook says.

A loving person who will help us grow,” RM says.

Someone who will always have my favorite chocolate milk ready,” Jin says.

Someone who shares my values,” Suga says.

A caring manager who will shape us into wonderful human beings,” J-Hope says.


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