When the French handball players will meet in the evening in Germany (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: ZDF) will show up the Name Karabatic on the game report sheet. However, it then goes to Luka Karabatic, not his older brother Nikola, the top Star of the current world champion.

The French selection had threatened held, the subsequent nomination of the 34-Year-olds for this Handball world Cup, since last Saturday – or better said: always with her again. “He seems to be ready,” said coach Didier Dinart on Monday evening for the umpteenth time in front of the all-important preliminary round duel against the German handball players, almost all of its words sounded, this time officially, would not be followed directly by a qualification: “Whether it is against Germany, I don’t know yet.”

This confusion lasted for days. Shortly before 11 a.m., and the associated end of the reporting period this Tuesday, it was announced that Karabatic will be missing against the DHB-selection. The subsequent nomination at a later stage of the tournament but more is possible.

All just a Bluff? Or, the Association expects in earnest with the return of the Superstars?

Four world titles, three European championship triumphs, two Olympic victories

the discussions about Karabatic and his use of the chances in the world Cup would ever arise, had not been a week ago, in sight. The 34-Year-old had surgery in October because of a foot injury, six months should he fail, the world Cup seemed to be secure – for the first time since 2002, Nikola Karabatic would be missing in a major tournament. Actually.

The Problem: Without him, the great handball nation, France is no longer the top Favourite at the finals in Germany and Denmark. The backcourt player has triumphs, his selection to two Olympic gold medals, three European and four world championship titles. Three times Karabatic world handball player was Champions, three times League winners. The importance of a playmaker in football, the German team since a few years, to feel, for example, a conductor of international level is missing.

What is going on, when Karabatic and his announcements in the absence of the French Team, was the tournament start: In the opening game against Brazil, the defending champion was shaking a 24:22, the German team won against the same opponents 34:21. Wouldn’t be a goalkeeper Gerard Vincent come on this is a great rate of 50 percent of the overall balls, France would have screwed up the world Cup Start. “Difficult start”, was the headline in the French newspaper “L’équipe” and complained that the Defensive wiggle considerably. The Friday night was.

Saturday morning was no more talk. Before more criticism arose, and the title defense was questioned, was coach Dinart has already gone on the Offensive: He announced the return of Karabatic, although this had only trained for a few days with the reserve team of Paris Saint-Germain.

Dika Mem and Nedim Remili are the future

Meanwhile, arrived Karabatic in Berlin. He followed the French games from the stands, has been training with the Team and gives Interviews without being really clear. “I’m fit,” he says, and then: “let’s see if and when I can play.” Notice and mitigation, but Karabatic is currently the topic of conversation, and draws all the attention. Even if a Trainer Dinart it will not open says: Karabatic attendance and the hustle and bustle of the French promise in the first line of tranquility for the young Team. For Germany’s goalkeeper, it is “no coincidence that he comes now,” said Andreas Wolff, the ARD: “For me, it smells a bit staged.”

Nedim Remili

For France was followed by two sovereign victories against Serbia (32:21) and Korea (34:23). Particularly striking: the form of increase of Nedim Remili, 23 years. Against Brazil, the players spurned several great chances against Serbia and Korea, the professional of PSG was the best scorer, with a total of 14 goals, he leads the top scorer of his team. If this is to be alone with Karabatics return together, of course, is questionable.

Dika Mem

Safe is that Remili as his team-mate Dika Mem, 21, as one of the winners from this world Cup could go. Both players combine power and speed, endurance and technique, and to Shine with massive attacks from the rear space with their speed, they stand for a new determination of the back-room player. You should dominate the time to Karabatic in the French Team.

Still but they are under observation, also from Karabatic itself, is probably the duel against Germany in the hall on the Berlin Ostbahnhof. Then he will see how his future heirs with the audience, the noise of about 14,000 German Fans can be in a tight game one of the decisive factors. Most likely, the Team could use his leader during a heated game. Perhaps his presence in the stands is enough.

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