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“We ask you to reconsider in the interest of the next Generation of the outlet”, with More than a hundred deputies of the EU Parliament have signed a letter in which you ask the British to stay in the EU. “Every British decision to stay in the EU, would be welcomed by us and we would work with you to reform the European Union and to improve”, – stated in the draft letter, to be published at the beginning of the week in the UK. Already, the Newspapers of the Funke media group quote from it.

Therefore it is said in the letter: “We have appreciated the enormous influence of the British politicians and citizens in the past 40 years. We would miss the exceptional Know-how of our British colleagues.”

co-signatories Peter Liese said the spark-Newspapers: “We want to send a signal to the population and, therefore, to the house of Commons, and make it clear: If the British decide, you are welcome.” The CDU member of Parliament from North Rhine-Westphalia, added: “Our hearts and our doors are open.”

More on the topic of the vote in the lower house Who what is planning in the Brexit-Chaos

After a narrow majority of British people voted in the Referendum in 2016 for the Brexit, is to leave the EU on 29. March. However, the UK is divided on this issue. On Tuesday evening an important vote: the Parliament in London about the Brexit Treaty, the Prime Minister, Theresa May with the EU has negotiated. It is considered unlikely that the Deal gets a majority in Parliament.

This is an unregulated Brexit – face with many legal and economic uncertainties (an Interview with the former Brexit-Minister David Davis about the benefits of a “No Deal”-outlet you can read here). The demand for a further Referendum on the question of whether the UK should leave the EU, refuses to May. Also the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, head of the Labour party, reiterated on Sunday that he is in favour of a second Referendum.

May warns: No Brexit more likely as the EU-exit without a Deal

The Prime Minister, the deputies warned on Sunday with an appeal in the newspaper “Sunday Express”, to refuse to consent to your Deal. This would be a “disastrous breach of trust” against the British population, as have the majority in the Referendum in 2016 for a Brexit. The vote in the lower house about the Brexit Deal is “the largest and most important decision to be taken by a member of our Generation will ever be”.

On Monday wants to talk to May to work at a factory in Stoke-on-Trent, a city that is majority for Brexit. The British news Agency PA quotes now from Mays speech manuscript: Thus, you will warn, among other things, a Blockade of the EU-exit process. The British Parliament reject the Brexit agreement, whether a stop of EU exit more likely, as a farewell without a Deal.

graphics for Brexit Deal of the negotiations, So it goes in the Brexit Poker

The Worry of eng Chen business

The German economy warns, meanwhile, is once again facing a disorderly Brexit. “Without a Deal, millions of customs declarations and billion in customs duties would be charged,” said the President of the German chamber of industry and Commerce day, Eric Schweitzer, the spark of Newspapers. He pointed again to the fact that in Germany and about 750,000 jobs from the trade with Britain depended.

The German foreign trade was also worried. “In a hard-Brexit, without the free-trade agreement German companies threaten to cost in the billions,” said the President of the foreign trade Association BGA, Holger Bing man, the spark of Newspapers. “All the Goods to and from the UK must be declared to the limits, origin, proofs of, and products may be manufactured according to British Standards.”

the UK is Germany’s fifth most important trading partner. The trading volume amounted to 122 billion euros.

More on the topic of expert opinion Brexit without a Deal would Germany reported to cost billions

The British newspaper “The Guardian” on Sunday, the 29. March planned Brexit in Brussels, in the meantime, as a very likely date will be considered. The European Union is preparing, therefore, a shift of the UK leaving the EU until at least July. The newspaper refers to a number of EU representatives, which are not mentioned by name, however.

A “technical” extension of the termination process until July was therefore a more likely first step, writes the Guardian. This would give the Prime Minister May have time to revise the exit agreement, and to secure a majority. May should tell “us that she needs more time to win the Parliament for a Deal, you will be offered a technical extension until July,” the newspaper quoted an EU representative.

Because of the European elections end of may 2019, the UK no longer takes part, is a shift over the may, many experts considered unthinkable.


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