The election struggle in Bangladesh was marred by violence. In the case of clashes between supporters of the government and the Opposition, 13 people were killed and thousands more injured. Before the election, on Sunday, the authorities have strengthened the security arrangements solid.

Nationwide, approximately 600,000 police officers, soldiers and other security forces were deployed to the around 40,000 polling stations to secure, said representatives of the authorities. It was the highest level of security, so that the election could take place in a “peaceful atmosphere”, said Rafiqul Islam of the election Commission.

Shortly before the end of the election campaign, the authorities had throttled the mobile Internet. The regulatory authority for telecommunications have asked the provider to stop the powerful 3G and 4G mobile networks on Thursday night, temporarily, “in order to prevent the dissemination of Propaganda and misinformation on the Internet”, – said the representatives of the authorities.

After a ten-hour break, worked the powerful mobile radio networks on Friday. Re Cutbacks, however, were not excluded. The networks according to the 3G and 4G Standards allow for fast Browsing on the Internet and the Transmission of moving images and large files.

On Sunday in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is seeking a fourth term. A of the Nationalist party (BNP) – led opposition Alliance has called you out. During the election campaign, thousands of government were taken opponent. The BNP Chief and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia is due to corruption allegations a 17-year prison sentence.

Because the BNP has been ignored by the dominant media, was the party in the election campaign on social media like Facebook to rely. 100 million people are called up to the parliamentary elections. 92 million people in Bangladesh use the Internet.

Prime Minister Hasina and opposition leader Zia maintain a bitter enmity that paralyzes the South Asian country politically. For more than 25 years, the rival took turns on the inside of the state. Since 2009, Hasina ruled.


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