The coalition government in Belgium is broken on the dispute over the UN-migration Pact. The Ministers and state secretaries of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, declared on Sunday to Protest against the Pact for your resignation. For weeks you have made against the global agreement, mood, and were strictly against the Prime Minister, Charles Michel, travels to the UN conference in Marrakech. There at the beginning of the migration Pact next week approved.

Michel want to travel there. The three other coalition partners to stand behind the agreement. With the N-VA together the coalition partners can no longer govern now. But what follows from it, is not so clear.

“I believe that we – speaking formally – back,” said the former Minister of the interior and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA). “We have said that if the coalition goes to Marrakech, then without us,” he added.

Next election in may 2019

Michel went on Sunday to the Belgian king to a transformation of the government without the three Ministers and two secretaries of state, the Flemish N-announce VA. He now wants to lead instead, a minority government of his French-speaking liberal reformist movement (Mouvement Réformateur/MR). Furthermore, Michel proposed to replace the three Ministers of the N-VA by the secretaries of state, “to ensure the continuity and the good Functioning of our institutions, and stability”.

In may 2019 is in Belgium the regular price of the next General election. How Michel wants to find majorities in the Parliament, however, remained unclear initially. In particular, the Budget needs to be decided.

Minister of foreign Affairs and Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders was, however, optimistic. The government have in Parliament is broad support for its international commitment, insured Michels party friend, according to the news Agency Belga.

on Saturday evening, the Belgian Cabinet was a crisis meeting. There, Michel had reaffirmed, once again, to travel to Morocco. Already following this meeting, the party leader of the Flemish nationalists, Bart De Wever said, Michel release the N-VA “de facto” from the government.

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