The coalition government in Belgium is because of a dispute over the UN-migration Pact. The head of government, Charles Michel, proposed after a crisis meeting, to replace the three Ministers of the coalition partners N-VA by the secretaries of state, to ensure “the continuity and the functioning of our institutions”. The Flemish nationalists of N-VA are strictly against the fact that Michel is travelling to the UN conference in Marrakech, at the time of the migration Pact is to be confirmed.

Michel confirmed after the meeting that he was going to fly in spite of the resistance of the N-VA to Marrakech. He’ll rise “as head of government in a responsible coalition” in the plane, and after his return with the Parliament on the government’s crisis advice.

the emergency meeting is actually a way out of the crisis found. The N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever said after the meeting in front of journalists, when his party was in government, no voice, then it had no purpose any more.

Other parties behind Charles Michel,

The N-VA’s criticism of the UN migration Pact for weeks. The three other coalition partners, however, behind the agreement: in addition to the liberal Walloon party of Prime Minister Michel, the Flemish liberals and the Christian Democrats support the migration Pact.

Michel had announced because of a dispute on Tuesday, to ask the Parliament for an opinion. In Parliament, the Flemish nationalists make up the largest group. Nevertheless, the people’s representative spoke out on Thursday with a large majority of 107 to 36 vote in favour of the migration Pact. In addition to the N-VA is only the xenophobic party, Vlaams Belang voted against.

In may, parliamentary elections in Belgium. Observers do not expect that this appointment will change.

to be is In the UN-migration Pact, a legally non-binding Declaration of intent, with the help of illegal immigration prevents legal immigration is better controlled.

The international set of rules to be adopted at a conference on Monday and Tuesday in Marrakech, the also German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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