In a long interview in le Figaro this Friday, Benjamin Griveaux has gone to the different leaders of the opposition. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen, Olivier Faure or Laurent Wauquiez are designated as ‘forgers of the policy,” who ” all want to return to the world before “, accusing them of having a problem of ” sincerity “. Output media the spokesperson of the government, which has reacted to the interested parties or their representatives.

Marine Le Pen has taken Friday to the government, a ” bunch of arrogant who have never proven their life and who think that the mere fact of having been chosen by Emmanuel Macron made them demi-gods “, has accused the president of the national Rally (RN, ex-FN) on Europe 1.`” I say to Mr. Griveaux that he would do better to look a little bit the situation in which he is in the process of putting the French with his government, the sufferings that are the consequences of the policy they implement, ” said the member of parliament for Pas-de-Calais. “The results that are those of his government should push to show a little humility,” she added.

the silence of The Untamed

Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the socialist Party, has drawn a response on his Twitter account. “Is faker that claims to be the right, the left, center, reason, common sense. The forger mime virtue but plays with the extremes that he values in order to better pose as a bulwark. “For Republicans, this is Laurence Sailliet, the spokesperson, who responded to his vis-à-vis government. “In the contest of contempt, Emmanuel Macron has made an emulator which will soon surpass his master. “

Only the Dissenters have not yet responded, while Benjamin Griveaux qualifies the party as a “populist movement” and attack the “excesses” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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